After all this time, I still have difficulty trimming

I like to fly low and slow in the ICON or C172; however, I have difficulty trimming for level flight. I have the Flight velocity trim wheel pro and still have problems. Hate to admit, I’ve been simming a long time and still have difficulty.

Try and get the correct pitch using yoke first and then trim away the pressure.

Then once you are close fine tune for level flight with very fine throttle adjustments.

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Edam states the case well.
I would only add to that with - please wait until your attitude (which means Pitch) correction brings your IAS Up or Down and then stabalizes - and THEN Trim for straight and level.
If you try and trim whilst the aircraft’s speed is (dynamically) increasing or decreasing - then you’re trying to hit a moving target.
That works for the C150 right up to the 747.

Let the aircraft forces change - stabalize - then Trim it up.

Let us know how you get on. Sometimes Piloting is Waiting for the airframe to catch up with our will.
That’s called being ahead of the Aircraft.

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Flying straight and level is the hardest thing you can do over the course of a long cross country! Something is always messing with your trim! This is true IRL as in the sim. Don’t sweat it and enjoy the views!

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Given the lack of feedback, sometimes I just use the AP to set trim level in rol mode and stable airspeed. With the AP off the airplane will then usually maintain trim.

I have noted that even on autopilot the plane oscillates up and down about 35 feet around the set altitude. I would be happy to achieve that. Thanks for the help