After almost 4 years of MSFS 2020 , What are your loading times?

Wow, I’m really surprised by all the very fast load times mentioned here.
It takes my sim 22-25 mins to load into the main menu. I did spent a week trying to figure out why, but I could never find the culprit.
I do run my sim from an external NVME SSD with a 3.2 USB connection, but I’ve seen some people who said the same thing and have more content than I do that get faster loading times.

My current usage.
2.0 TB in the Official Folder
343 GB in Community Folder.

Heh, oddly enough, I was just timing this today:

On my PC: 2 minutes and 37 seconds from pressing “Play” in the Xbox App to being at the main menu.

On my Xbox Series X (regular start, not Quick Resume): 2 minutes and 32 seconds from clicking the MSFS icon on the system dashboard to being at the main menu.

what was really slowing loading times for me, were any apps listed in the EXE.cfg file. then it took forever. that more than any addons in the community folder.

Where is the EXE.cfg file?

Same place as the usercfg. Gsx adds itself there to autostart. At one time there was
Xconn -for connecting my tablet
Aerosofts utilities for fss175

Omg it took forever to load msfs

Are you referring to EXE.xml? I don’t have a EXE.cfg.
If it’s the EXE.xml, then I only have 3 items in there.
ACF_Bridge for my Honeycomb Bravo
Aerosoft One Utilities
FenixSim A320

But I’ve been having the long load times before I owned any of those.

Loading times are obviously going to depend on a bunch of factors, not least your processor/storage hardware, internet, add-on (both community and official like World Updates). I suspect how long between each instance of running the sim also can have an effect - I just did two tests. The first took 6m34s, but 4m of that was spent ‘checking of updates’. The second was immediately after and only took 2m37s.

This was on an i9-12900KF 3.19 GHz processor with 64gb ram of an Nvmie2 SSD on a 32mps internet connection with nothing in community, but all the world updates installed.

Yep, thats it. oh yeah, the ACT bridge for Honeycomb. I took that off. Im in VR all the time and cant see the lights anyway

Loading normally: 3½ mins
Using fast start: 2½ mins
Normal start with GSX Pro active: 6 mins. (I think it was 6, I lost count.)

I should add that I’ve deleted all liveries I don’t use (Xbox livery? come on…), most of the activities, bush trips and so on. Only about half a dozen things in Community.

I don’t have issues with the time just that it seems to go through periods of total CPU/memory/network/disk inactivity at times - why? what is it doing then?

How did you get that dump of all the game settings? Some free software?

Would come in handy for troubleshooting and sharing on forums and such as you have done.

No just typed into Notepad.

My loading times are about 2 minutes and 15 seconds. I only have the PMDG 737, REX Accuseason, and REX Global Airport Textures.

Almost exactly this too on my PC. All WU and about 400GB with official MP adds before I dump a couple hundred items with add-on linker 2-3 minutes tops. W/FSLTL + models, 5 minutes minimum. XB app or icon game start takes the extra 20 seconds or so with splash screens you skip with AL fast launch.


About 3 min with a lot of add ons