After latest patch

For some reason my V-sync was activated while I was tweaking my settings and Frame rates set to 60. I am getting much better and smoother frames with V-Sync on. Also my VRAM usage is way lower after the patch. I was capping out my 8gb card before but now I don’t go past the mid 5gb level. I tried using Ultra settings and in rural areas I’m getting around 50 fps. Very big improvement overall for me.
GTX 1080
Core i7-7700K


Promising. Now I might not have to open a window to fly :smiley:

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Thanks for the feed back. My machine is probably not as powerful. I set V-sync at 30 and no more crashes.

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Normally I never use V-Sync on any of my games. I bought a 144Mhz monitor a while back but it’s only 27 inch. I found a TCL 47 inch 4K in Walmart for $200 and that gives me much more realistic real world size experience. But it’s only 60Hz.

I think that might have worked for me too. I slowed the refresh rate of my primary monitor down to 120mhz (vs 165) and put VSync on (at 60fps limit). Haven’t gotten to do varied testing yet, but the 747 where I have flown (a manually cached area) is closer to 27-30 then the 17/18 I was seeing right after the patch.

Watching CPU and GPU in task mangr were around 50%, which seems promising.

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