After playing a few hours, FPS drops from 40 to 5FPS

The memory leak thing is a very generic programmer thing to say where there is bug with slow loss of system resources. I have an idea of what went wrong based on the behavior and 3d geometry loadings that were causing it but not really going to go into it on here as its just my speculation and won’t really be helpful. Good news is they’ve have seemed to have nailed it so that’s the takeaway.

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If you wouldn’t mind PMing me the details of your therory, I’d be very intrested to hear

Same story today, changing aircraft mid flight doesn’t fix it either.



Same here, shame cause I like to do long hauls while working… :S… But this is terrible.


Yup! Reporting the same issue myself, and latest patches as of Sim Update 7 has not affected this for me. Reported to Zendesk:

On all occasions of flying a long haul flight, by the time I return to the PC later in the trip the sim is heavily stuttering maintaining 10 fps (Salty 747 mod or Heavy Division 787) I don’t usually have this problem with Longitude as flight does not last as long, but it did happen when I pushed limit on range once (so we’ll say flights that are longer than 5-6 hours can see this problem). All online services are disabled, all AI / Player traffic is disabled as well as ground equipment and it does not affect the occurrence of the problem. Current trip as I am reporting this: EGLL-VTBS 8-1/2 hours in, no applicable mods to this trip other than Salty747. This issue has been applicable for me since more than a year, and I’ve tested WITHOUT mods and no change. Live Q&A requested more detailed reports, so here’s mine!

From hardware metrics: 15-22% CPU utilization; 4800/32000 MB Memory usage (49% system overall); GPU 14% usage / 6.7 Gb of 10 Gb memory usage HOWEVER, task manager reports GPU power usage as “very high”.

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Hi All,

I found solution to fix this issue!

  1. change windows page file size (min 50mb max 5000mb).
    U canalso try turn off it. But I have in hudge airports crash before final landing (I think due to big size of addons).

  2. remove all not using during flight content from Community folder. Dont use liveries for vatsim as well.

I got about 10 long trips and its works perfect!

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Nice find … and yes it does sound like a paging issue. Advice to all users is to let Windows manage virtual memory however if the drive it is on is getting full it may be wise to move it to another SSD (Note: I had to reallocate it as manual first and then confirm before setting it back to Windows managed otherwise it reverts back to C:).

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note: never turn windows pagefile off… wrong setting in windows pagefile , or also that auto-increasment not works as expected e.g. because of less disc space, is a common reason for issues and I guess one in the top10 list :slight_smile:

You can find recommendations for pagefile settings in forum… A manual setting of 5Gig may be too low , also in case you own 32GIG RAM.

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I had before automaticilly automaticily page settings and fps drops down due to memory leak.
After I set manual bufor for max 5GB performance is great. FPS doenst drop. I have 32GB ram and rtx 3080.

And at beginning of process first I turn off and as I mension before mafs crashed to windows at hard level airports landing (maybe ram was full).

Before this every flight above 1h was terrible experience, fps drops 40 to 2.
Now Is like never before.

that I mean… windows increase the pagefile automaticly, but only if some preconditions are given ( e.g. mentioned here ). Very often the drive which contains the pagefile have less free space and windows does no increase the pagefile. Then we often recommend to set forced min value and a sufficent max value ( as example 8192 / 32000 ). So far I know Windows use pagefile also to defrag the memory, and therefore it is imporant in special for MSFS.

Yeap You might be right, but in my case decreasing max page file to 5gb stops memory leak.

Before it as fps drops down as ram use was about 40% and fule page size was 32gb (cant technical explain this).

I also decrease content in community size from 300gb to 30gb.

Maybe some of content impact to this issue too.

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hmmm… now I understand how you mean it… and that sounds strange , but realy intressting. Like it can not clean fast enough the pagefile. But I also thought the dev’s have done a lot optimization and the memory consume is drastical reduced since a while ( also the commited memory ). Former I was never a friend of that it is necessary for users to set a very huge pagefile - it simple shorten the lifetime of ssd drastic.

That much content in community folder can cause issues, is a old topic ( so far I remember )… I’ve been not up2date what happend in meanwhile related to this.

I own 64GIG RAM and have only a ‘emergency’ max size of 1024 and its never used. With this amount of RAM windows can do all “in-memory” ,… On other side I have not many mods in community folder… may be one of it caused the issue in your case.

I had done many test.
Flghts with empty community folder, reinstall windows and msfs, video settings and tesolutions to low etc

Only turning off in first step and resized to 5gb in next may change the game.

So Im not sure to opinion about impact some content.

I’ll try that. I think that looks promising considering that I installed it on a different drive which doesn’t have pagefile.

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I also have it on a separate drive. Really would be interesting if this was a paging issue.

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Sadly, limiting pagefile to 5GB does not fix issue for me. I have also limited it to 5GB but performance degradation was same as always.

For the first time it sounded good for me, because I have only 50GB left on my SSD so if there was something broken in MSFS it could be easily filled up in short amount of time. But in the end I have 64GB of RAM and MSFS never uses more than 20GB…

Screenshot after 40minutes of flight with pagefile limited to 5GB:

Screenshot after restarting flight (same location, plane):

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addition note: there is a difference in working set and commited memory. Taskmanager shows per default the working set only. You have to add columns in details tab or use the resource-manager.
But yes, as mentioned, the memory consume of msfs is drastical decreased with an update ( not meant together with usage of some mods ) and I assume in your case the pagefile is anyway not used ( see my former post ).

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So strange… if U have 64gb ram I think U may turn page file off. And cache in msfs too.

not off :stuck_out_tongue: … there should be at least a minimum pagefile for windows. It can works long time without pagefile, till the day x comes :slight_smile:

With “cache” you mean rolling cache ? this is also different thing… what users not need is RAM-disc or whatsever… windows itself cache a lot of file-content into the memory ( in old ages called smartdrv ).

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My pagefile is managed by Windows.
And after playing the sim for some Time it grows up to 25GB.
So i would guess the sim uses it quite a lot.
Haven’t had any Performance degradation since Su7 beta.
Only 16GB RAM.

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