After playing a few hours, FPS drops from 40 to 5FPS

From Dec 26th up to about two weeks ago, I had those big fpm drops beginning after around 40 mins. (60 fpm down to around 5fpm over a period of an hour approx.

I tried every possible combination of settings, on-line, off-line, weather off, weather on, full-frame, windowed mode, rolling cache, no rolling cache, and so on… all to no avail.

My issue disappeared without any input from me, or any hardware changes, so I have to believe this whole fps debacle is completely external from our PCs or internet connections and I’d guess we’ll have to just wait till Asobo or Microsoft figure out the cause and rectify it. It’s a real shame, seeing as the sim is otherwise so good.

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Its funny because this morning I flew a 1 hour flight and everything was perfect. An hour later launced again, and my fps is up but my LOD is missing. It displays to about 20 mi out then its just flat blank nothing. Even little mountain was missing again.

watching the network both times (yuck back in debug mode) and the network performance from what I can tell using ping plotter window performance monitor etc, to be identical. So that for me at least is starting to narrow it down to server issues.

Maybe theres a cyber attack going on that no ones yakin about. I know back when this first came out I would see articles related to azure and the server farms. I know that one of the articles said that the failure rate in the farms is extremely high, so who knows maybe they just burnt up a bunch of servers again, and MSFS was on some of them.

Just counting the days till either the end of the world or that other products beta comes out! ROFL?


I suddenly had this problem today. Had done several long fliths without problemas, and… suddenly today fps drop after hours. I was flying on a mod A339…

Is just incredibile that a bug from the first month of this sim, has not been solved yet on year and a half later. This a mayor issue… i really can’t understand this microsoft guys.


Im thinking its more of a server issue. Would explain the why it does sometimes and why it doesnt other times occurrence of the problem.


Not sure what factored into it… but this 14.5 flight went as smooth as a 1 hour flight for me. I do not have Vsync enabled in NVIDIA or in MSFS.

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This thread might prove to be of interest….

Suggestions are that it works, confirmed by many different people.


This also started for me a couple of weeks ago since the Australia WU. It seems to happen more in the FBW. I’ve tried a clean install of the sim and FBW which helped a little, but I’m still getting the degradation of FPS after about 30 mins. My sim on the same settings runs no where near the usual 40-50 fps I used to get before Christmas. I’m at a loss as I’ve changed nothing my end hardware wise. My issues all started around the WU and when I had an Nvidia driver issue mid December causing CTD. other than that I’ve had a flawless sim since day one until the last few weeks.

Ryzen 7 3700x 32gb Ram 1080ti Hybrid 11GB VRAM

Not sure if this is of any help to you guys, but this just solved all my issues i think. Testing as we speak. I had my monitor in 144hz and geforce settings wernt correct. Heres the link to what helpled me. Now got a solid smooth 30fps locked atm, gpu is now working as it should. Ill test and let you all know if i get any performance drop in the FBW as i normally did. Reproducing yesterdays flight where i landed with only 5fps.

After testing for an hour it seems it has degraded slightly, but not as bad as previous flights. I have noticed this though in my monitoring. My standby memory went from only 4000mb to using everything, and thats where its started to degrade. Im not 100% sure this has anything to do with it as im not a big techy, but thought id post it up in case someone who knows what it might mean, if anything at all.

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Just ran a flight 6 -720 am edt. I started getting your bandwidth is to low we will continue to reconnect you, click ok, then I reconnect. On another couple of mins and same thing, over and over again. Popped up win/perf and Im sending data but not receiving anything back from the server.

Hit reconnect, and it just sits there for 10 min, finanly telling me I dont have the bandwidth and it switched me back off line again.

Kill the sim , check the net with pp and the bb test and all is normal. So what the hell is going on now.
When I said I wanted consistency I didnt mean constantly bad. geez come on already!

Oh yeah I almost forgot RABLE RABLE RABLE! :rage:

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Yeah. When the standby memory full, windows will swap to the page file/virtual memory.

You can clear the standby memory using some tools and schedule it to run periodically.

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I’m trying to reproduce this issue now through pure curiosity, 2hrs 15minutes into a flight (about halfway through) and my GPU usage has just dropped from the low 90s% to mid 70s% for no apparent reason. FPS has gone from 80s to mid 70s, I have no mods installed.

I could confirm that, too.
When standby eats up everything and free gets zero, fps got worse and having stutter…
I didn’t expect 32G RAM is not enough…(?)

I have changed ndu as well, tried 3.5hrs flight and I think somehow it is way better than before, still having bit fps drop on arrival handcrafted airport (OMDB) w/ no “free space”, it was really nice experience.

I think it is getting close :grinning:


standby memory is nothing else as cache, in DOS ages called smartdrv, and its nothing wrong if these is full… ( simple test: open/view a 20gig video file and you will see it goes directly into the standby memory ). And because this exist, a reopen of a file which was already openen is much faster.

These standby memory have a low prio and have nothing todo with a memory leak.

That you can clean the Standby memory we mentioned often , example CTD (Resource Exhaustion Monitor) - #12 by MichaMMA.

But that windows use pagefile , because of Standby memory isnt correct.

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This is precisely what Windows is supposed to do (and has been doing since Win95)… memory management. Windows does clean up real and virtual memory as part of the overall memory management and on its own schedule. However, Windows memory cleanup is VERY VERY SLOW for MSFS. Depending on the system specs and the programs running, memory cleanup can take HOURS which is why apps that instantly cleanup memory are so important. A system reboot (not ‘sleep’ or ‘hibernate’) also cleans up memory but is not practical while running MSFS.

this would mean that I had run so often into issues because my RAM was full with Standby Memory and I have only 1GIG fixed pagefile … but I have zero issues :wink:

The only way I’ve been able to solve this issue is to reduce both LOD settings down to 100. But I’d hardly call it a fix as most people have it set to 100 anyway and still have the issue. This is getting so frustrating I don’t know how Asobo can’t recreate it on their end.

After applying the registry edit mentioned in another thread linked above I no longer have any performance degradation in default aircraft and 3rd party besides FBW.

If this tweak resolved your performance degradation, did you test with FBW or is the issue still present? Thank you

A320 Development version, No other addons, RW 33 EGBB, 12 Noon, Clear Skies.
Loaded in. Then did one 360 degree pan in the external view, before going into flight deck.
Started timer. Took screenshots at 0min, 30 and 60mins.

Notice the CPU memory slowly increasing, more than just natural variations. Probably linked to memory management/page file which people have mentioned earlier


I only have FPS degradation (mainthread latency increasing) with FBW dev and exp. This is before and after making the NDU registry edit /


Thank you :+1: I’ve commented on the FBW Github, hopefully they can figure out what is going on