After playing a few hours, FPS drops from 40 to 5FPS

dosnt go over 16 FPS inside view and the bug where i cant get over 11GB in ram appears so i will get degradation very soon 11.124MB Max ram usage according to DEv mode and task manager

Mmmhhh, have you Done a simulator restart before you load the plane again?

and the sim freezes for a few seconds are back like SU6 when i remember correctly

Sim Restart ( i come from Xplane 11 i am used to this procedure) but a Pc Restart i havt tried

I would try it

Quick flight update. Currently at 34.000FT cruising and I am still at 45 FPS like it was when I started doing these flights months ago.

For the record, I have turned off the VSync option from graphics, but it should not matter.

Unfortunately, since I have removed and changed many things from the sim I can not provide an exact reason for what could potentially cause this. I have:

  • Disabled Windows AntiVirus (by adding an exception) for FSUIPC.exe MSFS.bat and the folder it self for FSUIPC.
  • Removed 3 addons (YourControls, HPG Airbus H145 and one addon it has) and removed IVAO PilotCore and PilotUI.
  • Changed Ndu from 2 to 4 as this post suggests.

Going to continue my flight, keep you posted!

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Ohhh, perfekt!!!

Dont have FSUipc installed anymore will try Turn of Defender Now With 2 exeptions (FBW320x And Salty747) No addons installed also no liveries and still Having performance degredation

Do you Set photogrammetry off?

I Had but Dosnt look good :slight_smile:

Have you tried the NDU fix? I have linked it on my post.

tried no effect

So i tried something something diferent first thing Run MSFS as Admin and turn of the Anti manipulation Feature of Defender Off and my frames are back to normal 35 FPS in EDDF at ultra lets habe a look

ok degraded to 13 FPS After 5 min

Puhh, thats strange

ok inside view no changes still stuck at 16FPS but outside view 40 FPS so outside view 10FPS more that something

I would try it with high settings and the lod not more than 100

No Difference but at least the manipulators thread Stop to make problems According to Dev Mode readings

at least a small step

what I still have is the FlightSimulator.exe as a process excluded from the virus scanner

its a small step for us but maybe a big step for Asobo.

Sorry stole that from Neal Armstrong