After playing a few hours, FPS drops from 40 to 5FPS

everyone needs to take a deep breath, walk way from the video game for a bit, and I’m sure the server/weather problem will be fixed and all will be well again

Here you go…don’t know what any of this is. Not computer savy at all just love flight sim and aviation in general (aircraft mechanic)

Flips back and forth limited by GPU and mainthread

There is no problem there. You have Vsync on with a 20 fps frame limit. Turn up the frame limit to 30/60fps and you’re covered.

If there is a still problem with a main thread bottleneck show a screenshot in the game, not the menu.

:open_mouth: Technically possible, but where do you draw that conclusion from? 19.9 fps?

It says Vsync on, and the frame time is 50ms while the mainthread has 7 ms and the GPU 18.7ms.
So Vsync is the bottleneck which shows as “Limited by GPU” because Vsync causes a GPU limit.

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you are correct, I limit it to 20fps.

Once I restart the sim, all is great no bottle neck until 2 hrs in. If this is an issue with the sim rather than the computer that would be fine. Here is a shot in game.

Thank you for the help!

In this screenshot you can easily hit 40-50fps because the GPU has 17.1ms to draw a frame.
20 feels very stuttery to me.

The 2 hours in performance degradation is a thing they have to fix, i don’t think we can do anything about that.

Thank you very much for the help, at least it is not on my end.

I will adjust the fps.

When that bottleneck does occur, turn back on dev mode with that FPS counter and take a screenshot. Offtopic but ■■■■■, how can you play with 20 fps?

LOL…never had a problem with it till today. I increased it to 30, should I go to 60?

Just started a long flight, once it becomes choppy, I will post a screen shot.

do not touch anything with your sim until the server problem is solved

I think 30 is fine. If you go higher you will get CPU limited on busy airports and that will cause stutters. You want to be GPU limited (or by Vsync) as much as possible. You seem to have a balanced system so you need some kind of limit to keep it smooth. You will find the right limit by trial and error.

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Thanks again for all the help, this forum has helped me out so many times I am grateful for it.


Same issue here. I have tried a few flights today and I get performance degradation after about 2 hours. Pretty much becomes unflyable. Have to exit out of the sim and start all over.

FPS goes from high 50’s (with Citation Longitude) down to 12 FPS in a matter of 30 minutes. My rig is only 3 months old, RTX 3080, Ryzen 9 5900X, 32 GB RAM, liquid cooled. Not a cooling issue, all temps well within normal range. Tried latest NVidia driver, tried older drivers, same result. Never had this problem before today.

I was starting to lose my mind trying to troubleshoot and then checked the forums. Now I know I’m not alone in my frustration. Hope we can return to the skies soon!

the same happens to me recently. It started off nice and smooth then shortly into the game everything became laggy which makes it basically not playable. CTD has also become more common recently.

I have sizzling when I move the cursor (and it worst when I move the the secondary screen)

Maybe because everything is now slowed down and stuttering,even the mouse controls, resulting in the audio “stutter” !!

If this could be reproduced on a debug Dev Machine, it should not be too difficult to tell where the bottle neck is …

Seems weird but I had this problem and worked around it by going to data settings, turning off photogrammetry, apply and save. Then went back into the flight. Went back to data settings and turned photogrammetry back on and all was well, GPU usage back up to 70 percent and FPS back to normal.

I’ve been having the same issue. Just starting happening last night

Flight always starts off nice and smooth. After an hour or so it will start with some light FPS drops and sound stuttering and will progressively get worse and worse until its unplayable.

Hoping someone knows of a fix.


Just got the same issue and I think I’ve found the culprit in my case, which is the VFR map. After some experiments I’ve found that opening the VFR map at any time during the flight, even if you close it after wards, will results in severe stutter the longer the flight went on, and the GPU usage slowly dropped from 98-100% to 70-80% then to 35-40 where the game crawls to a halt.
The “Coherent GTUIThread” and “GTDraw” shows huge latency and is slowing down the game. Then I started a flight where I never touched the VFR map and the issue mostly went away, no more degradation.

For me degradation happens even without opening VFR map. Mostly I fly without it.

See this video: MSFS | Performance Degradation Over Time - YouTube performance drops before I open VFR Map.

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