After playing a few hours, FPS drops from 40 to 5FPS

Noted. So far performance is fine, as before.

Kinda bummed out I can not use the Xbox bar as now I can not take high-quality screenshots. Currently in the sky, if nothing has changed after disabling things, I should start seeing performance drops in the next hour.

as i am happen to have a fast degredation i can tell disabling game bar dosnt have much effect in cockpit view but the degradation stops in outside view but returns when switching back to cockpit view

but the degredation returns when going back to inside view

Have enabled the wasm in the developermode? I have both on. Its Important for glass Cockpits like fbw

no i dosnt have developper mode on

After you have ticked on the wasm you can close it.

never used developper mode before i will have a look

When you activated it you can find it ( wasm) in the options

you mean fast WASN?

Both the Fast one and the other one

so both are checked but 16 FPS over the sea is not hat i had before

Setup : i9-9900K
64GB Ram
MSFS ans WIN10 Installed at SSD

Have you Ticked use nanovg … on

Let me have a look

Its in Option, experimental

The displays? Thats normal. After the next load its back normal but it reduce the main thread “load”

so i turned this option on mid air (wasnt the smartest idea i will restart the flight and lets have a look

Try it, i wish you that it works!!!

i will hopefully it works

ok 20FPS on ground in EDDF on ultra settings isnt great but workable for my setup

Ok, eddf needs a lot of frames