After playing a few hours, FPS drops from 40 to 5FPS

What do mean with TLOD?

Terrain LOD

Ahh i turned off the cashe

I meant the graphic setting Terrain LOD, you can set this to a value between 10 and 400.
It basically dictates the overall quality drawdistance.

If it helps to lower the value all the way down - it is a very good indicator of the issue.

Thats decreases the render distance too much for me i am flying mostly in terrain regions with interssting terrain i want to look around

same thing here with the A330-900 i havent been able to complete not one long haul flight in two weeks without my fps dropping to 5 fps . Everything works perfectly until three or four hours . im very close to quitting on this sim but ive invested so much money into it . PLEASE Asobo


Is this known to happen when this bug happens? My pagefile size is about 24 GB, does this mean that I can increase the time the sim can run properly for before this happens by increasing the pagefile size?

hi there ive just completed a flight over the pond 6 hours with no issues but i have updated a339 to latest version no frame drops at all

UGH I feel you. I have the same problem with the 787x. 6+ hour flight, about to approach for landing and CTD…

I am so annoyed, I wasted my whole day.

Same thing happened to me. Haven’t flown in over a year. Tried a flight from MMUN to KBOS about 3 hours into the flight with FBW A320 it was a slide show. It was on external view for 2 hours. Never had this problem before.

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It’s still happening to varying degrees, not sure if it’s dependent on terrain or just some kind of magic.

Flying to SFO, audio stuttering and framerate lag to ~ 15 fps at landing, culminating in a crash at touchdown.

Flying to FRA, and before descent it was already audio popping and spiking a little. at 15,000ft I’m now at 1-3 fps unless I switch to outside view, where I get maybe 5 fps with massive stuttering.

Tried turning off everything including data, photogrammetry, traffic, knocking TLOD down to 10, nothing has fixed it.

For context at the start of the flight I’m running 50-60fps (limited to 60) completely smoothly.

Honestly I still can’t believe this hasn’t been fixed. How do we have long haul airliners but can’t complete NORMAL long haul flights in MSFS?

There is clearly some sort of performance issue. Activating Dev mode shows stuttering coming from the mainThread (I’m getting spikes to nearly 300ms per frame sometimes by the way). RAM usage is completely normal, pretty much equivalent to the start of the flight, as well as pagefile usage. All I get is random spikes from mainThread even though utilization is at 20-30%.


What’s your RAM usage in MB/gb for you like? How many add-ons you got too? Which aircraft are you flying? Might help to know these things so we can replicate it or perhaps pinpoint the issue to something more specific.

I’ve got 32gb, MSFS is consistently using maybe 5 according to Task manager, no massive changes from the start to the end of the flight. 0 addons, a completely stock game.

Happens with both the 787 and 747 which are the only ones I fly more than 8 hour flights with. So far up to 6 hours seems semi-stable

Yep, 5GB usage here too. If I may ask your CPU and GPU? Are they AMD by any chance?

Nope, intel and Nvidia. And I have to say, MSFS hasn’t always had this problem. In the beginning it was super unstable, to the point where you couldn’t expect doing a 6 hour flight without crashing beforehand.

Somewhere in the last few WU/SU’s this started occurring (to me personally, at least). Great news is the sim doesn’t crash randomly in air anymore. Bad news is it’s basically impossible to land anyhow, and in my experience even if you power through and get the plane down it crashes either on landing or the last 1000ft.

So somewhere, there’s a performance leak that’s destroying things after more than 6 hours of flight that’s started happening recently for me.

So after 2400 replies and more they doesn’t fix this?

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I am gonna give Asobo time to fix that FPS degradation till the end of may, if not, the following will happen:

  • rating msfs2020 everywhere with 1 star or less
  • recommanding no one to buy msfs2020 in the future
  • no support for developing issues anymore from my side!

Well, no doubt the most important addon for this sim is tons of patience…

In a previous message I reported my experience:

  • Pre SU8 with Headwind A330 v0.94, my FPS went down to 5 in the middle of what was suposed to be a 13.5 hour flight from Madrid - Barajas to Santiago de Chile.

  • Post SU8 (which should not affect anything) with Headwind A330 v0.104 the problem persisted, but was more tolerable (FPS dropped to 20-25 instead of about 35 normal, but not 5…).

A lot has changed in my system since then:

  • SU9 installed.
  • Headwind A330 updated to v0.106
  • New motherboard BIOS and chipset drivers, new graphics card drivers.
  • Upgraded from Ryzen 9 3900X to Ryzen 7 5800X3D.

My first flight from Barajas to Pudahuel seemed perfect. 12 hours V-sync limited to 60 FPS in the air. I thought the problem was over.

Then, with all mighty mount Aconcagua in front of me, just one hour to landing… CTD.

This is my first flight lost to stability problems in a loooong time (and I have already tested my system in its new configuration almost compulsively before this flight).

Yesterday I flew my return leg from Santiago to Madrid.
12.5 hours. About 50 fps in Santiago, limited to 60 in flight, and about 40 (but with stuttering) at LVFR Madrid Barajas.

I can understand how this problem must be difficult to fix.

Not everybody is experiening it. Even the smallest change in configuration, be it drivers, mod versions, sim update or whatever, seems to change things.

Honestly, I have no idea of what made it work for me. If it was the new Headwind version, SU9, or my new drivers and BIOS.

And the most imoprtant thing: I don´t know if my next flight the problem will continue to be fixed, or if it will come back.

Quite a temperamental piece of software this simulator…

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Such a waste of a 5 hour flight

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Play in windowed mode and when it drops alt tab into another window then go back.