After playing a few hours, FPS drops from 40 to 5FPS

Yes, i do
But it’s hard to tell if i have it used everytime i had the drop

The Apps outside MS i had running everytime i had the drop are Stream Deck and Neo Fly


Someone mentioned he was using PACX when the issue occured whereas he did not get the issue without PACX. I have been using Self Loading Cargo (quite similar to PACX) whenever the issue occured. I just made a 3.5 h flight without Self Loading Cargo and the framerates were fine until the end.
PACX, Self Loading Cargo and Neofly at least have in common that they constantly monitor certain flight parameters.

I wonder if that might cause or contribute to the issue.
The fact that my framerates almost always went back up to normal right after touchdown fit into this assumption. Because at that moment there are no flight parameters anymore to monitor.

Might still be coincidence but should be worth more testing.


I will also test in regards to Neo Fly. It sounds kind of logical. But it is not the first time i have that thought

I am currently flying the 747-8 from Sydney to Chicago with the Salty mod. 13 hours into the flight I found that my FPS dropped from a pretty steady 60, which I usually have, down to 20. My GPU usage is usually close to 98- 99%, but over time it seems the GPU is used by only 50 - 60%. Temps and VRAM are fine. This is the RX6900XT.
No other apps are running. No idea what is causing this.

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There goes my theory. Another flight without Self Loading Cargo and frames dropping after 100 minutes into the flight.

I wonder if this is a cumulative effect of several factors. So sometimes it’s enough to take away one of these factors (like AI traffic or an external app), sometimes not.

Well, with a little luck this will be solved anyway with today’s update.

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Just to throw in my experience too. I planned a flight from Tokyo to Anchorage in the PMDG DC-6. All was going well but a few hours into the flight I noticed the framerates beginning to noticeably drop. About 8 hours in the framerates were close to a slideshow, and worse still was the quality of clouds and textures looked comically poor, as if nothing was being loaded in at all. Unfortunately I could not finish the flight with the framerates as they are (must have been sub 5 fps at some points). 5900X and 3080 Ti, 32GB of RAM. Overall usage on both CPU and GPU were extremely low at this point.

Edit: To add to this, my current list of external applications include SteamDeck FlightTracker, AxisAndOhs, LittleNavMap, Navigraph in-game maps, Honeycomb AFC Bridge software, Aviaserver. Other add-ons in my Community folder: Aerosoft CRJ, FBW A320, DC-6B BOAC libery, mobiflight (for Flight Tracker), Navigraph nav-data, pms50-gns530.

I’m 6 and a half hours into a flight now, FPS is now 15FPS, from 80 what a joke. I’m over ocean with literally nothing around. Still isn’t even a tracked issue with Asobo even though multiple Zendesk reports have been made.


When you pan your view around, do you get audio crackling or stuttering?
Traffic, weather, multiplayer, rolling cache settings?

That was me , pacx tanked my FPS

Last flight 2 hours, without Axis and ohs and without Neo Fly, no drop in Performance.
But that might be a conicidence and means nothing at all.

Unfortunately this issue persists for me after today’s update.

I’m also using AAO so will test without AAO the next flight.

Anybody getting the issue who is not using AAO?

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started with 55fps on a busy Gatwick airport, ended up with 28fps 2.5hrs later at the very quiet Bari.
Not ideal…
I was flying with FBW mod, even didn’t turn on the flypad just in case, no other 3rd party content, what would alter anything

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SU6 has not happened yet.
It was a world update 6.
They are mainly scenery updates with a few bug fixes from the last Sim update thrown in .

You are correct. I edited my post accordingly.

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Throwing my hat into the ring here too. Otherwise smooth FPS taking off drops to a fixed 10FPS after 1-2hrs flight time. I suspect the FPS is actually even below the 10 that the Sim overlay is telling me too, because it becomes unusable. Extremely frustrating.

3800Ti 3900XT 64GB 1TB NVMe

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My impression is that the amount of users that flys 2+ hours seems to be small.
Otherwise this Thread should have way more posts
I’m guessing that it is not a hardware thing. It’s a thing that is inherent in every copy of the sim or even on the Servers. So it could happen to everyone.
Normally we would need some persons ho flew regularly 2+h and doesen’t have the drop. So it would possible to look what’s the difference. Maybe it is a Program or Tool not related to the Sim.
Could it be that it is some Power management issue. Maybe one Disk which is used for Rolling Cache is send to sleep, because it wasn’t used for x-Minutes or something like that?

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It could, but isn’t. There has to be something about an affected users setup that’s causing this. Looking through this thread, many point towards addons that communicate with the sim, like Neofly, and PACX.

Perhaps these are causing issues with SimConnect?

Update from my end, once I was almost established on the ILS in Anchorage (no easy feat trying to control the Salty 74 at around 5FPS), the game began to come back to life. FPS overlay read around 18-20FPS and I was able to control it absolutely fine. I reckon once I descended through 3000ft something changed to reduce the performance degradation.

For me the FPS always go back up to normal shortly after touchdown.
Sometimes FPS also recover during the flight.
Btw I don’t use rolling cache.

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There might be a memory leak. I’ll test as well.

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