After sim update 3 Meigs Field is missing

Hello, I have lost Meigs Field. I have seen it today, so I suppose it will be due to sim update 3.
I have the Ichankal mod installed, but I have also tried the free version of the GuillermoZS mod. With none it appears, neither as an airport, but neither as a scenery (buildings, etc), there is the default setting of the fs with the actual park

I have several airports installed (especially of Spain) and they work ok.

Has anyone had a similar problem?


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If it’s a mod; give the author of the mod time to update it, and once released, you’ll have to install the updated version.

But I want it NOW!

Yeah? I want my own aircraft carrier. Some things just won’t happen :joy:


Haven’t you heard? Impatient and entitled is the norm now.

I haven’t only heard it, but seen it many many times :joy:

But it is strange, because I tried with two differents mods…I don`t need to update any other mod (airports, cities, planes…) that I have installed…

You’ve been lucky. Most mods require constant updates

It’s not strange.

Expect all mods to break on patch day. If they don’t break, you got lucky.

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Yes it is strange but things like that happen all the time. The fact that two different mods have the same problem shows that something changed in the original scenery that keeps the mods from appearing.

That’s also a way of looking at it :joy:

It’s the only way of looking at it. It’s a risk that always comes with installing mods, not just in flight sims, but in any game.

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But the two versions? It is not that it works badly, or have bugs, or it causes CTD, it is that it does not appear

That’s how the scenery SDK works… A CTD is usually a memory issue.

Thanks, I will report to the developers…and to Zendesk

Don’t need to report to Zendesk. Zendesk is for problems with the base vanilla sim only. They can’t help you with mods, and your ticket will be swiftly closed stating as much.

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