After SU10, FPS still drops during flights

I have the FSLTL traffic on

That’s most likely the reason. Try without FSLTL and any AI see if the issue persists.

I also wanna confirm that if I have to turn off the multiplayer and live-traffic option in DATA menu.

Is that a question? Or what are you trying to say?

Turn off all traffic and do not use FSLTL! See what happens! I think you will end up realizing that traffic is the cause of fps degradation/stutters!

I did a whole load of test flights a few months ago. With traffic, without, with cache enabled, without etc….

In my case it had nothing to do with traffic or FSTL.

I am almost 99% sure now that it is all linked to the servers. I have tested the bandwidth at my end and it is very stable. Some days I get fantastic performance, some days it deteriorates whilst flying, into a stuttering mess


I conducted a 8-hour flight today with FSLTL but set live traffic and multiplayer off in MSFS DATA menu. I didn’t suffer fps dropped again.

You are supposed to do that anyway if you use FSLTL

started with 48fps at LFMN, now at FL300 and some blurry ground texture i’m at 15fps after 35min of flight.

Landing at EDDC with around 8-14fps

loading in 2min later, ALL same settings, addons and location, not great but waaaay better at around 28-32fps

and for reference one with ZERO files in the community folder and no Marketplace addons


Hey Folks,

Thought I’d add my data point since I seem to have found a solution that worked, at least for me.

In reading through this entire thread, there were a few that got close to the solution that I found (turning off Live Real-World Air Traffic, Live Weather, and Multiplayer in the General Options/Data menu), but none of those worked for me. Instead, I turned off Bing Data World Graphics (which also disables Photogrammetry) in the same GenOps/Data menu and my problem was completely eliminated. (Note: Turning off Photogrammetry alone had zero effect.) My flight went right back to a smooth and stable 58 FPS at FL380. If I then reenabled Bing Data World Graphics, the stuttering and low FPS returned. I could toggle my problem on and off with that setting.

I continued my 7:40 minute flight from KMIA to PANC in the AAU2 B747-8i without a hitch descending through solid overcast down to 700 feet with a full CATIII landing on 07R. A sweet end to a flight I thought for sure would fail with a CTD due to the low FPS and significant stuttering.

Once parked on the ramp, I toggled the setting back on, and sure enough, rotating the drone around the aircraft was a stutter fest. Turning it back off and the drone was butter smooth.

I have no idea if this will work for anyone else, but it is certainly worth a try for those having a difficult time with this. I’m not really sure what this means either. Is it the MS servers, or something in the way data is written to the cache on my system? Whatever the case, this solution at least lets me complete a flight smoothly without a CTD. Give it a shot, but YMMV.

(PC Specs in my profile.)


I have started to get this issue as well, ironically after upgrading to a better system.

And this problem plagued the sim a while back, and the symptoms was everything listed in this thread.

As far as I understand this is something that happens with airliners flying at high altitude and fast. (a typical cruise alt and speed). Basically it seemed that the sim/computer started to struggle to keep up with each HQ tile being loaded in. Which is not a issue when you are going low and slow. I dont know if there is some issue with memory leaks or what exactly causes the system to get clogged up like that.

A work around would be to turn off bing data/pg completely, or also drop the TLOD down to like 10 and let the computer/sim catch back up.

Since this mainly affects people in airliners on long hauls it doesnt really get alot of attention, sadly.


Thanks for chiming in. I’m not sure about what you said. I sat on the ramp at PANC for a good 15-20 minutes and the stuttering came back 100% each time I toggled the Bing Data World Graphics setting. The sim didn’t seem to be catching up at all while sitting there.

It is interesting, though. I appreciate your thoughts.

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it may be a “solution” though it kind of sound more like a general performance issue and i’m not saying that it is on your side, since some, me included, got this issue AFTER a update and/or even after updating the hardware, first only saw the issue going from a 5700XT to a 6900XT

also the “downgrade option” sure ups the fps in general, but beeing the main culprit contradicts this behavior

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That’s a fair point. Should have probably said it is a “workaround” for now. I agree this isn’t normal and needs to be analyzed and corrected. But, until then, at least I know that when I experience it (on maybe 20% of my flights) I can toggle a setting and at least complete the flight. All virtual passengers are now assured a safe arrival. :wink: Thanks for your comments.

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I have been having this problem recently also. I just can’t get my head around why this happens. I can fly from the UK to Europe, then on the return around half way back, FPS drops from around a stable 80 to struggling to reach 40fps. Once I start the descent and get closer to the ground, the fps will shoot back. I have tried a complete re-install of the game but it still does it. Like you, if I turn Photogrammetry off, it is absolutely fine again.

Do you think maybe a full re-install of windows may help? Or do you think this is an Asobo issue which they will need to rectify in an update?

Hey Alex. First of all, welcome to the MSFS community. There is a treasure trove of helpful information here, so glad you have taken the plunge.

No, I don’t think reinstalling Windows is the answer. I am on a new, homebuilt PC (specs in profile) and I am having this issue. So I am fairly confident that will not help at all.

I really can’t say exactly what the issue is. You can see that discussion about this issue involves a whole host of considerations. But I do believe (IMHO) it has to do with streaming, and especially when related to caching.

Frankly, I’ve been away from simming for the past month or so attending to other responsibilities, so no recent troubleshooting. That said, I soon plan to disable caching completely and see what effect that might have. I’ll update to this thread what I discover.

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Hey @AlexSkeff95. As promised, I did disable caching completely and then did a flight that had previously shown significant stuttering on takeoff and especially on approach and landing. This specific flight was buttery smooth.

I am not claiming this is the ultimate answer for my setup, but this preliminary test flight is encouraging. I will do more flight in the days to come to see if this was a fluke or a real workaround. Stay tuned…

Hey there @Sartanius

Thanks for coming back to me as promised - it is greatly appreciated.

Interesting find. Did you just disable the caching in the settings within MSFS, or is there further steps you need to complete to disable it?

Since our last posts, I have found that even with photogrammetry turned off at the very beginning, after around 5+ hours the fps nearly halve. Then when I turn the photogrammetry ON, the fps go back to normal. Such a strange thing to happen - so this is exactly the same as starting with photogrammetry on and then turning it off to get the fps back.

Software isn’t my strong point either which doesn’t help. But there’s something causing a dramatic FPS drop after a certain time frame which never affects landing because by the time you get halfway through the descent the FPS resumes. It’s just during the cruise.

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Yes. Simply turn off the Rolling Cache and delete the existing Rolling Cache file. I highlighted the two setting in red boxes below.

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I am having this issue even on relatively short fligths of around an hour… On approach last night, FPS was tanking down to sub 1 FPS (yes, SUB 1 FPS) after starting off buttery smooth at 60-80 FPS.

I have not tried turning photogramic scenery or the rolling cache off yet.