After SU10 VR stopped working on most airports

VR has become blurry and stopped working on most medium to heavy airports showing the hourglass as soon as I put the headset on.

I use “hardware-accelerated gpu scheduling” (W10-system-graph settings) as this gave me a fair performance before. But know, nothing happens but the hourglass. As soon as I take my headset off, it starts working while MSFS is in VR and I watch the screen. So far only tested with A32NX

If I turn “hardware-accelerated gpu scheduling” off the hourglass disappear but the performance is close to zero.

DX11/12 or BLSS on/off have zero effect.
Actually it seems it doesn’t matter what I change in the VR settings.

Depressing to read how so many had improved VR performance after SU10 and my VR adventure more or less has come to an end.

Any ideas someone? What have SU10 done to impair the VR performace?


i7-6700 3,4 Ghz
GSX 3070Ti
16 GB
Nvidia driver 516.94
Oculus Quest 2

No offence intended, but the 6700 CPU is not really suited to VR. Not saying it will not work, but I would say that is you biggest limitation right now.
I used to be running an i7-6700k overclocked to 4.6Ghz with a 2080Ti, 32GB ram with a Reverb G1. It did work but the experience was very much limited by the CPU. I rather suspect your experience would be similar to mine with the GPU being held back by the CPU.
I would really consider upgrading your motherboard/CPU to obtain a pleasant VR experience.

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Sure I don’t have the best CPU and can see a reason for doing something about it. No offense taken of course. Bur I just paid 900$ for a new graphic card and my CPU is well according to recommendations. Changing the CPU/motherboard also means a lot of job, risks, new costs etc.

And my point is, it shouldn’t be my problem, it should be MS/Asobo and the sloppy SU10 changes that suddenly change everything to me.

I need support on THIS case.


I would check your settings. There are a number of good youTube videos of best settings under SU10 for various headsets. My computer specs are similar to yours and I can recall that I had to fiddle with the settings alot until I got good clarity and smoothness. Are you using the OpenXR Toolkit?

G2 headset is working normally the whole beta and release, if it’s of any help. 8700k with 3080


I’ll keep searching for configurations and a potential breakthrough, good to hear it’s working with your similar setup.

“Are you using the OpenXR Toolkit?”
No should I?

It may depend on the headset that you are using (I have the HP G2 Reverb) but many people have good results with it.

The more I search into this the more weird stuff do I find.
I get a CTD or a hourglass as soon I turn on the VR standing at the apron.

And the CTD is sometimes of Warning: Your graphics device has encountered a problem

A new kind CTD that starts occurring after SU10 with more than 400 posts and independently from what CPU or Gr card you have.

If I continue the flight to one of the default airports VR starts working again, still with a very blurry image. And believe me, I’ve been changing these settings so many times and they do not see to effect this at all.

Something are wrong when the programmers forgot to program the “Global Rendering Quality” so that it’s black/empty. And check the description. It’s a field-reference , a name that you relate to when you’re programming. They just left it there.

I guess replacing the CPU gives no guarantees either.

There must be something here that went wrong. I though admit I didn’t clean the community cataloge when installing. But I guess that must be history now.