After SU6, you cannot enter into some airports - The sim never ends loading the flight

I have experienced the issue while loading a third party airport from the marketplace. After SU6 I bought LEPA and EDDB. When I try to load one of these airports my flight will not load. As it was described in the headline the laoding screen never ends. The loading bar is at 100% and nothing happens. I found out when I spawn on an airport around these ones and move my airplane (with V) to them I somehow force the sim to load smth. And then I was able to load both airports without issues. But after I restarted my PC the issue occured again. Im not sure if it is an issue by the third party developer or Asobo/Microsoft.

I don’t think it’s an issue with third party airports. Too many of them are having the issue described, and sometimes you can get in, sometimes not. To me, it’s something related to connection issues or to MS servers.

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Hopefully this helps accessing the problem and finding a solution. When I turn off all of the DATA CONNECTION components I am able to open successfully all of my third party airports. After the successful load I reinstate the DATA CONNECITON settings.

Doesn’t work for me unfortunately :frowning:
I disconnected all data connection and still have this infinite loading screen.

What is your LOD setting? I remember from long time ago that when my LODs were over 100 it would sometimes hang loading indefinitely.

This only happens to me at one airport when I have a particular (completely unrelated) addon installed. I read on another thread that the way to get around it is to reduce LOD to 10, load the airport and then put the LOD back to where you had it before. I tried it and it worked for me.

It’s a Pita but it’s a workaround for now.

Hi same issue mate check my topic on this

I have posted a link to this on my topic so everyone will vote on this bug

As far i tested it happens to default airport as i had did full reinstall of sim re-download from scratch with zero addon. Even in safe mode this happens.

I have solved the problem for me lowering the LOD to 100.

Same here!, never EVER had this issue until su6 arrived. Now the sim will “crash” in the infinite loading (I mean loading the flight, not the main menu of the sim) about 75% of the time, so 3 out of 4 attemps will fail to load and after 10 to 15 minutes of waiting I have to manually close the sim. It happens in both default and 3rd party airports and planes.

Seems like a quite random issue, hard to reproduce other than the probability of fail.

What i do is i lower all graphics settings to low end set LOD to 10 because it lowest in slider then it loads perfectly but turn all to high - ultra once load

Very annoying issue :weary:

Similar problem - associated with DC area, but not only entry but Departure causes Crash to Desktop:

Microsoft Store version

No Developer Mode nor made changes in it?

Happens with both Normal and Safe starts.

Happens with or without reboot, with or without Rolling Cache deleted, with or without Manual Cache

No use of community add-ons; with or without use of Marketplace DC scenery or airport packs.

Brief description of the issue: flying into, or specifying Departure airport in, Washington DC area, causes Crash to Desktop

Steps to reproduce the issue encountered: approach DC center (from e.g. 20 miles out) within 5-10 miles (a few miles inside the 15k no-fly circle) results in crash to desktop; so does giving departure airport within that circle: DCA, CGS, … crash happens after pressing Fly but before pressing Ready to fly.

PC specs and/or peripheral set up of relevant: i7 4core recent HP gaming desktop, Nvidia GTX 1080, both with all version and relevant driver upgrades.

Build Version # when you first started experiencing this issue: SU 6 installed October 19 2021

Sounds like your issue is posted here.

I tried something. I bought my 2 airports on the market place. First I thought the issue is caused by the market place, but then I decided do buy the airports from the third party website (e.g. aerosoft). I downloaded and installed them seperatly. After starting the Sim both airports work completly. The sim loads successfully. I closed my Sim after that bc I had smth important to do. Later I wanted to start with departure on one of these airports. Then the infinte load was back. I can’t get in Sim anymore. The infinite loading screen is back somehow. I need help. We all need help. What causes this? There must be a problem. Nothing of all the hints work. It is so annoying. I can’t use my sim anymore. Its completly broken…

The aerosoft airport has been installed automatically into folders I dont know where they are. The other airport has been installed automatically into the community folders.
Conclusion: both airports cause the infinite loading screen.

You have most likely another problem. There are 2 different problems, one affects marketplace items and the other one doesnt.

You problem is described here

And your AS airport is problably not in community folder but in the paralell folder to it. Packages\Official\OneStore

Count me in on this… Im trying to fix this since 3 days now, surely 5h per day. And it starts to really annoy me.

I have this problem at every bigger payware airport. Couldnt find one common factor yet.

The ones i have tried are:

  • Simwings EDDH
  • Simwings EDDM
  • LatinVFR LEMD
  • Gaya LOWW
  • JustSim EFHK

None of em works. Its the same for each of them, the loading gets stuck at 100%. THis cant be very long. I see in my log that i started from those airports some weeks ago and cant remember these problems too. Well, i can remember them but that was with an earlier WU. It worked at least in mid September for me. Also, JustSim EFHK isnt even out very long and i started there at least twice before. Now its no way to load in, in no plane.

I have none of those sceneries from marketplace, they are all from Contrail or ORBX, Simmarket etc.

Ive done every single step that was mentioned in any of the dozens of posts about this problem, nothing works.

Deleted content.xml, all caches, sceneryDat files, empty community folder, lower settings and what all there is, it wont work. Also closing the sim with taskmanager and load back in wont work. It will be stuck at 100% for 100% of cases.

Seems i can fly to those airports though. Example LOWW, i cannot start there but im able to fly there.

Btw, this problem is not related to that in the link last page. They talk about MS Marketplace Addons. I have this with non-marketplace items.

No idea anymore…i will try a few more things to find a common factor.

Atm it seems all of them lie beneath Photogrammetry cities. And all of them have a CGL file. Also (i think) all of them have a big filesize (~3GB). But i could be wrong, i didnt look yet to each of them but its true for at least half of em.

But i also have a lot that do work. ORBX Sweden Airports for example, like ESMS, ENTO etc. Or Asobo EDDS, or even freeware Aerosoft EDLP Paderborn. They work.

My own airport works too. Not sure whats going on…

The fact that one can fly to those airports means it cant be some other things that were mentioned.

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So… i had do deinstall everything (addons i mean). Completely. What means in some cases of the planes also delete things out of LocalState\packages.
Then i deleted content.xml again and cache and only installed EDDK (this is my test airport basically and it never worked…).

Now it works. Its working with a clean sim without problems. Loaded up really quick too. Maybe 3 Mins.

Then i activated 6 of my contrail airports (wich are in an external library, managed with addonlinker) and the problem appeared again…I started at EDDB (its one of the contrail apps) and it again loaded into Nirvana.

Then i deactivated all the contrail addons again and deinstalled EDDB and installed it directly into the community folder. Started the sim and guess what. EDDB works now. So now nothing but EDDK and EDDB is installed and both are directly in the community folder.

From there i installed EDDM fresh and of course, also EDDM works now. Guess we have to do that, for whatever reason there is. Maybe there is another file besides the sceneryIndexes, caches and content.xml where things are stored and this requires some different ordering? Maybe its getting messed up? I dont know, im really just thinking out loud. Have tried so many things, i think this is among the worst problems ive ever tried to solve in whole flightsim. Only 1 P3D thing was worse…also with scenery layering.

I wonder if there will ever be a Sim without this kind of hassle.

Same issue for me. Don’t believe it is related to specific airports - just occurs randomly.

I can usually tell when this issue is going to occur as the mouse pointer disappears when scrolling across the loading screen.

At a guess 40% of loading attempts fail for me in this way. Never happened to me pre SU 6. My LOD is set to about 275 and I feel this may be the issue. Am going to try loading on 100 then jacking it up once loaded.

I´ve got the same problem. All the fixes i tried (online functionality off, photogrammetry off, low LOD, deleting the cache files) only worked for a startup or two at best.

Yesterday, after i tried some of the fixes above, i was able to load in to most airports and with nothing changed whatsoever, today i´m not able to load in any bigger airport at all.
From what i have seen so far it seems to happen mostly in airports with higher complexity (booth, 3rd party and Asobo) which makes me think its an issue with loading bigger files.

This is a very weird issue, cause it is really inconsistent and seems to happen in random intervals. I got quite a few 3rd party addons, both from the marketplace and from 3rd party websites. I didn´t change anything addon wise since yesterday and the same airports i could succesfully load yesterday (fsdreamteam-LSZH) don´t work anymore today, seemingly without any change made to the sim.

So the only things that might have changed from one startup to the next are the cache files or some serverside stuff at the developers end.

I had a few more tries and switching online functionality on and then completly off again, i was able to load in to LSZH, wich makes me think even more, that there might be a problem communicating with servers, which leads to the infinite loading screen.
After Loading in and switching all the data stuff back on i was able to load in to the airport a few more times. Tried restarting the sim afterwards and left all the data options on and i got the infinite loading screen again.

This is just really weird.

I can’t start at LFMN since yesterday. Neverending loading, eventually had to taskkill the sim. The odd thing is, i’m never jumping around the Earth. I’m always following a logical path, as if i was flying in real life. So, if i land at a certain airport, the next time i’m continuing from the same airport (same parking/gate/apron if i remember which one it was). I got to LFMN by flying from Gibraltar, therefore the location should be already cached. Some users hint that flying to the offending airport makes it working again, but that’s how i got there in the first place.
I went through the usual checklist of things to try, including updating everything, restarting, deleting rolling cache, just every generic thing possible, but nope. Since yesterday, i’m not flying. Bye bye, the two weeks with MSFS was a constant frustration with few and far between rare moments of a total bliss when it actually decided to work.
I have no clue why is Microsoft still getting away with this sh1t. Selling early access jank for premium price…