After SU7 can't enter departure and arrival FBW A320

Hi, after SU7 I entered A320 and tried to set route.

It doesn’t let me enter departure and arrival airport

I enter KDFW/KMIA for example and nothing happens.

It let me to enter flight number, flight level, ZWF, fuel amount.

I am running FBW A320 v0.7.2, didn’t update to v0.7.3 because I noticed some people have problems with that version.

Anyone else with that problem?

running the latest developer mode and it works just fine

I will try when I get home.

Not working for me either, on the latest development version

Same for me, latest dev version.

Have the same issue

From the FBW Discord:
Sim Update 7 SU7 introduced an issue in flight planning for the Stable and Development version. We have fixed the problem in the Development version. Please update your Development version with our Installer. We will update and fix the issue in the Stable version as soon as possible.