After switching to VR, mouse stops working

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DM mode is on

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After I switch to VR, the mouse stops working. If I lift the headset from my face, it starts working, but stops again as soon as the headset is back on my head. It’s not just that the cursor disappears, the buttons are not registered either (I have a mouse button mapped to “reset VR view”). Since the mouse is essential for cocpit interaction, this severly limits my ability to fly in VR.

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Load a flight, switch to VR, put headset on.

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W10, Reverb G2

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Beta SU10

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I have experienced the same occasionally recently. Going back to pancake mode and then back into VR has worked so far.
Finding that I cannot interact with the fly button in VR when loading into the sim environment though. I have to start the situation in pancake mode. Not sure if this is something to do with the HPG 145 though, have been flying that recently.

It’s a WMR feature. Not a game bug.

Unfortunately I have no idea how to make it work. I’ve remapped an axis on my joystick for the mouse and activating that usually gives me mouse in the game.

How is it a WMR feature when it worked just fine before SU10? That does not make much sense.

same here but on SU9. In the past, switching back to 2D and back to VR helped, now the mouse is completely gone, even after switching back and forth for 4-5times