After the Nordic update my scenery seems very cartoon like and not realistic

The scenery seems more cartoon like after the NORDIC update. It is like looking at a 10 year old FS program. Did I miss something in doing the update? I have been really pleased with the quality of the scenery up until this last update and now it looks like an old flight sim program from 10 years ago. Just wondering? Thanks in advance.

I am also having some problems with my peripherals and have posted a topic in the Peripheral section.

It seems like very update creates some problems after the install but this is the first time it has affected me personally. FWIW

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Have you installed the update from the marketplace? And do you mean this issue is in the entire world or just in the nordics?

Yes I installed the update. All the scenery in FS2020 looks cartoon like and not very realistic as it has in the past. Did something change in the program to make it more compatible with X-Box? Inquiring minds want to know.

check if photogrammetry is off.

No, something is weird.

It would be nice to have screenshots to see how it looks though. And double check your graphical settings.

This is a low-altitude screenshot I took after WU5 (with no other scenery mods) in a non-photogrammetry city.

I did not turn it off but I will check. Thanks for the heads up.

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I will see if I can get a good screen shot. It looks worse than what you are showing me. Think FSX 10 years ago.

Also check that your Bing data is on. I’ve found that it can be turned off accidentally after some updates.

Yes, it seems your BING data is OFF.

I think mine is the same…like cartoons

Hard to see what you’re talking about without a screen shot. Sometimes MSFS displays a ‘generic’ farmland and road image that is usually described as ‘cartoony’ or ‘like FS98’. If that’s what you’re getting it usually happens because:

(1) There’s a problem streaming the Bing map satellite imagery because you have it turned off / no internet access / limited internet access.

(2) The Bing map imagery doesn’t exist (usually in areas of the world with poor coverage or cloud cover … so not likely to be the case here)

(3) There’s a problem streaming the Bing imagery because of a technical issue at the server end … even when you have good connection and everything turned on. This seems to happen in patches within otherwise good scenery and will usually fix itself given time.

If this is what you’re seeing - it has come up a few times:
What has happened to the roads?
Wierd autogenerated farmland imagery
Little dirt road in forrest are far too wide

If this isn’t what you’re seeing - you can ignore my post entirely! :laughing:

I had the same problem after the update. And yes the high quality bing maps had turned off and also photogrammetry had turned off both by themselves following the update. Turned both back on and all is now good.

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I’ve encountered this a number of times. Under certain circumstances, the sim will turn off Bing Data. If you are not aware of it, you may start to get used to the change and after a while start to feel disappointed with the quality of the scenery. Once you turn Bing data back on the result is staggering. If I’m not happy with the scenery, the first thing I do is ensure Bing data is turned on.

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Thanks for the suggestions. Both Bing and photogrammetry were turned on. Maybe it was the place I was flying (Sydney Australia) but the trees and ground cover looked like a 1990s fight sim and some of the building farther out from Sydney looked very much like cartoons. I will try some more flying closer to home to see what happens. Thanks again for the help!

Remember to post screenshots and their exact location next time, so others can help you judge if something is off or that’s the way it looks.

Talking/describing how it looks is too subjective, noone can tell whether it’s fine or not what you see.


Far too common, sadly… There is a bad habit that makes some people want to find the slightest errors, imperfections and blow them out of proportion to make the sim look bad. I mean, should we start doing that with P3D or Xplane? Let’s see how much is left of those after careful scrutiny.


If you read my other post I LOVE FS2020. But in this case something seemed off. So instead of getting upset how about just saying, like others have done, take a screen shot to show us what you are seeing.

In my real life I am an audio mastering and restoration engineer and own my own company. If I do work for someone and they have a problem with it I can listen on my mastering studio monitors and hear what they are hearing and if they provide me with time code I can listen to that exact section they are having problems with. If I hear nothing then I will ask them to send me the files to see if something got messed up with the on line file transfer. If on hearing their files and finding nothing wrong then I have to assume that what they are hearing is a problem with their monitoring setup or equipment problems. So I understand.

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you really need to show a pic and the location, so others can check it out.
some places are bad !! but most are ok to very good.

Beating a dead horse
Lets stop beating a dead horse…
I get it. Lets stop saying the same thing over and over again.
I will do as asked the next time it happens…Thanks for all the helpful and non helpful suggestions

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And your point is??? I said I will take the screenshot the next time this happens and post it what else do you want me to say??? I posted my original post trying to figure out why everything looked cartoonish. I am still learning FS2020 even though I have been a simmer for years. It seems that every time there is a new update something unexpected happens to the program. Right now everything seems OK, why it did not look good when I posted is still a mystery. Thanks!