After Update 5 - Nice

A big thank you to the teams at Microsoft and Asobo, and the numerous testers. Sim update 5 really did bring a huge performance improvements and nice surprises :wink:

Have a blessed weekend all


I can now use high quality clouds!
Loving it soooooooo much.


I agree… Are their problems yes…
Can I fly anywhere with higer graphic setings without a single micro stutter like in the past… Big yes…


Yes there’s a lot of complaining going on I personally think the last update was brilliant it has bugs as usual but asobo always follows through and tackles the problem. Trying to improve things brings some issues but I would rather that than leave the simulator as it was. I have very smooth flights now never thought possible on my rig. Big thank you to asobo for trying to constantly improve the sim

I don’t think it’s fair to describe an update that brought constant CTDs to many users as “brilliant”, to be honest. Teething problems with newly introduced features is perhaps understandable, but a practically unusable product is not. That said, despite the fact I’ve been having some issues myself, overall I am warming to SU5.

First let me point out that I fly solely in VR. Before the update the sim was looking good even at low/medium settings, but performance wasn’t great. I’d be lucky to maintain 30fps when flying in a straight line looking dead ahead. Looking around and manoeuvring would often get choppy, especially over cities, at airports, and at takeoff/landing. But it was playable enough, since this isn’t a combat sim.

After the patch, I have been getting CTDs in the menus which has been pretty frustrating. However, I’ve still been able to run a number of flights over the last couple of days… no CTD’s for me once I’m actually in a plane. (Touch wood!)

For me, the performance has been very surprising as despite the hype I was expecting marginal gains at best. First flight was dead smooth, though I of course noticed the LoD issues people are complaining about. So I started tweaking to see what I could do.

First thing I found is that I could raise the render scale from 80 to 100 with zero performance loss… I can read my instruments without leaning forwards now! Next I found that I could raise a number of settings from Medium to High, and enable things I’d disabled, again without performance loss. Finally, I found that I could raise both the LoD sliders from 75 to… 200. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

So now, for me personally, the sim both looks better and performs better than it did before SU5. It’s so smooth that for the first time, I’ve been able to jump in a stunt plane and perform aerobatics over my home city without any puke-inducing stutter whatsoever. I admit that I was very impressed.

Before people lynch me, please remember what I said above… I fly solely in VR. This means that even in the best looking sim with infinite LoD and draw distance, anything more than a few miles away is somewhat blurry and difficult to make out. It’s the price I willingly pay for the extra immersion VR grants me. With the LoD sliders in MSFS set to 200, it means that the “pop-in” issues are at a range that I simply don’t notice because I can’t see it at HMD resolution.

I also don’t seem to be having problems with the “aggressive culling” that was introduced in the patch either. The most I notice is that the shadows on objects are redrawn, but not the objects themselves, and even that takes a very fast flick of my head to pick up. I don’t know why this problem doesn’t seem to affect me when it’s being so widely reported by others.

So overall I have to say that, menu CTDs aside, SU5 has definitely improved my experience in FS2020 as a VR pilot. Once the CTD hotfix drops this afternoon it should leave me a pretty happy camper. Hopefully other fixes will follow in the very near future to help others, especially non-VR players, with their issues too. :slight_smile:

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