After World Update III - Blurry instrument screens in cockpit, pop-outs freeze game

Hi everyone,

unfortunately I am experiencing some issues with MSFS after World Update III… before the update, everything was working properly. I didn’t make any changes, except for the update itself.

I have attached this screenshot. I wanted to attach two screenshots to show a before and after comparison, but the system won’t let me…

The screenshot was taken after World Update III. As you can see, the digital instrument panels are somewhat blurry (e.g. look at the word “Map” on the top left hand corner of the center screen). At the same time, the font of the analog gauges is still perfectly sharp!

So far, this is only a visual issue and the performance of the sim is unaffected. However, as soon as I pop out one of the screens (using Right Alt + Left Click), the sim freezes up almost completely and my framerate indicator (Steam default) displays 1 FPS.

This seems to apply for all aircraft and all digital instrument screens.

Any ideas? Is anyone else experiencing this?

I appreciate your help. Thank you!

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See above.

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i7-7700HQ CPU
GTX 1070

Did you submit this to Zendesk? If so, what is your ticket #?

Not yet. Should I?

Here is the “before” screenshot:

Same here. Have the problem in the Cessna Caravan (did not check other a/c yet). The fonts on the screens in the cockpit are hardly readable. Before the update they were perfectly sharp. Everything else in the cockpit is still perfect like before the update.

Thanks for your reply. I would be interested to know, if this is also the case with other aircraft for you.

Does your sim also freeze when you undock these blurry instrument panels?

Found the problem. In the graphic settings the Render Scaling wasn’t set to my screen resolution. After correcting that it’s all fine again. No blurry instruments anymore.


Thank you, that also solved the blurry screen situation for me. :slightly_smiling_face:
I didn’t realize that this setting changed itself.

However, the performance still drops down to below 1 FPS whenever I undock screens. I might have to submit a ticket for this.

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This has been driving me made! Thank you so much - solved my problem as well

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Thanks man, i was with this problem too…it was 70 (i don´t know why), i´ve changed to 100 and it was back again.

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