After WU4 : How many things wrong can you See & Hear?

Sitting in the Grass in the C172, parallel to runway 33 at KMTN (Martin State, MD) , how many things can you SEE & HEAR wrong as you sit here, listening to the Airport’s ATIS. ?

and you come here to make a thread to complain just to promote your twitch


No, I come here to demonstrate some Significant BUGS, and the easiest way for me to make & record Video in MFSF , is to save to twitch, and then link to it.
( I am NOT an active Live Twitch Streamer - which should be Obvious if you looked !!)

Unfortunately, it seems you did not catch these when you were testing prior to release !!!

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perhaps try and not make assumptions. Care to explain to me and others who will read this where i have stated anywhere that i tested this prior to release. Or do you normally go around making false claims when you dont get a reply you like.


Yeah I tested it and it was fine.


carefull you will be targeted next

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Okay, let’s see…

  1. Winds are 323@84, ATIS says 335@140. But it is also taken at 1900Z, and you’re almost at 2000Z, maybe wait for the ATIS to update in the next 2-3mins? lol :sweat_smile:
  2. Cloud lowest layer is at ~400ft, ATIS says 1000ft.
  3. With that wind, you obviously wouldn’t use RW15, which ATIS is indicating as the current RW.
  4. With 84knots of wind and you being on the ground, shouldn’t the airspeed indicator indicate that instead of 40knots?

What else did I miss? Also, what is that radar telling us? I’m not sure know how to read that one.

Very Good … you got them all… (Avid flight simmer :slight_smile: )

Radar is showing the TWO cloud levels, but Atis is only reporting one, at a much higher altitude than it is.

The worst thing wrong is the winds are 323@84 and ATIS is saying 335@140, and then assigning 15 as runway.

Note: 84 Knots is the 140 ft/sec that Atis is giving !!! (why ft/sec ??? )

Don’t know how the plane is surviving a 84 knot headwind, and still rock steady on the ground. ?

Wow, didn’t realize ATIS was reporting in ft/sec… that’s so messed up. Yeah, the incorrect rw assignment is the worst thing about the ATC. And thanks for the explanation on the radar :slight_smile:

We all know that ATC needs serious work, stop nitpicking and be more positive.

Guess, he is not the only one to need to stop with making assumptions here.

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This is NOT an ATC issue !!! Its a Weather / metar / Atis issue.

Even so … despite what level the wind is entered at (1000ft) , the wind at the surface is calculated, taking into account what Asobo decided the ground friction effect is.

But ATIS is reporting the 1000ft entered level , that as entered in Knots, but in in ft/sec.

ALSO, it’s the SURFACE Winds that ATIS Reports, and taken form Ground based Wind / Direction sensors. So whatever is meant to be the GROUND level winds are the winds that should be reported as SURFACE WINDS by ATIS.

This is what the Pilot is interested in, when taking off or landing.

This is NOT “Notpicking” – Its a major error that is a primary factor in Aviation, and should be a total embarrassment to have been so wrong for so long.


Hate to tell this but the only way to get the weather is through the ATC window by inputting the right frequency, or picking it from the drop menu, so it is ATC. Unless you found a different way to get, and I would love to hear about it. Would this error in the ATIS reporting keep you from flying in the sim? From what I saw you would have been unable to taxi the plane. So in the sim you move to another area were the weather is decent.

Why do you HATE to inform me of what you believe to be true ?

Well, your explanation might be a gamer’s shortcut, but in the real world, ( and as provided in MSFS), you tune your radio in the Plane, to the correct ATIS frequency, and listen to it.

Also, it is NOT strictly ATC. Its a recorded message, or an automatically created message, that give you airport information, typically from Sensors at the Airport. ie Wind speed, direction.

ATC - Air Traffic CONTROL

ATIS = Automatic Terminal Information Service

‘not installed’ tags on the content manager page is an annoying one. Other than that, I must confess that WU IV is real good. I’m, in particular, impressed by the regional building archetypes, that make whole France like rendered in PG.

"Different strokes for different folks"

Flying Game with pretty Eye Candy, or a Realistic Flight Simulator.

There is obviously a “Market” for both, but so far, not a “Product” that fully meets both requirements.

That is the big Challenge, going forward…

Thank you for your definitions, I will take note of that when I renew my Pilot License in 6 months. Unfortunately for you, real life is not the purpose of this forum, we are here to discuss and contribute to the success of MSFS, not to constantly looking for nitpicking points to criticize and create arguments, which some people love to get into. We are talking about a shortcoming of the sim, and that is giving ATIS information not exactly the proper way, and through the ATC window or drop down menu as we see it, nothing else. Comparing real life to the sim is big blunder, the sim is only an approximation of it, like all sims are, even the professional ones, and this particular sim, in its infancy, is doing a fair job in entertaining and teaching the skills of flying, you are never going to have everything perfect (check the Boeing Co.), negativism is not good for the soul.

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Thanks @N6722C for the video in the initial post. I found it informative and a good example of things that need to be improved within the sim to make it an even better sim than it is already.

Without going too far off topic, I came across this post recently, in connection with the weather model used for MSFS and plans to develop it further:

I have quoted the relevant extract here:

Martial said in the last dev Q/A there is a large weather refactor coming that will address a number of the shortcomings as far as local accuracy goes.

(Note the Q&A referred to was the one in March I believe, not the latest from April)

I am hopeful that this new ‘refactored’ weather implementation, combined with improved ATC will overall improve the realism within the sim.

Time will tell!