Again this "insert game disc"..really?

Hi guys, a few days ago, we had this issue “insert game disc”…
it was apaprently an issue server, and we had to wait for a while to be able to run the sim again…
guess what, it’s happening again just now ?
Really ? it is really becoming a joke ? I see all of us complaining about all these issues, with SU10, performance, etc…i can understand that many of us are really fed up with all of these…we spend quite some money to get “war machines” to make this sim beautiful, and at the end, there is always something…it is like when you launch the sim, i m sure you have in the back of your mind “is it gonna work today ?” right ? cheers for reading.

“We’re sowwy, we’re vewy vewy sowwy.”

actually, it’s not a big issue right now, i gotta get to work anyway…(lol)