Agua Dulce (L70) WIP "God helps those who help themselves"

I have so good FSx/P3D memories of this little airport recreated by the Master Jedi “Misha Cajic” and edited by Orbx. But it seems it’s not on its way for MSFS, so I started this little project. Little but huge for my amateur skill. Here are very early pics. Every day is a new day to learn Blender, GIMP and the MSFS scenery editor :wink: If you have airside pictures that could help, please let me know ! I never flew there and only get inspired by my Internet search engine.

Agua Dulce (ICAO:L70) is a small airport just up north of Los Angeles. 15 min of C172 flight. It has very iconic red hangars, great landing approach and host Agua Dulce Airpark Ranch FBO where you just have to park in front of.

I hope no one has already started building it :wink: for MSFS :wink:


I remember this airport. Good luck on the project!

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Things progressing nicely. Still work in progress but winter season helps giving some (free) time in front of a PC.

Agua Dulce fuel station handmade… Blender is very complex and powerful tool for what I just want to build!

3D people are from the default World Update 10:

Iconic signs at holding point:

I’m ready for Beta and just found an issue.

Without my custom L70 scenery activated, I have already a conflict with one of my Community scenery. Something is removing the autogen tree. I don’t know which addon and I’m currently investigating (multiple boot). By any chance, when loading L70 (the default MSFS) do you have autogen trees? Like on this picture, trees on the left hill:

I’m currently investigating what addon scenery in my Community folder remove all autogen trees and let only small bushes. I have plenty of addons for this region, not to mention it could be anything with a wider spectrum. I have already validate that it’s not a Rex Accuseason.

Could you load up your MSFS, go to the default L70 Agua Dulce and check if you have autogen trees, please? If you have only small bushes and trees re-appeared with an empty Community, I would love to know what scenery we have in common :wink: Thanks for any help!

Sorry for the inconvenience, after a dozen of MSFS load, I found the culprit (removing the autogen trees). It’s Big Bear free enhancement. I have already contacter the author, I was already in touch with him as I share the basic Density Altitude sign.

With Big Bear (L35):

Without Big Bear (L35):

Problem solved! Agua Dulce should be available very soon at :slight_smile: