AI air traffic?


I am not at my PC and won’t be for a few days so I can’t experiment with this myself. I tried googling it but didn’t find anything specific but I assume it’ll be an easy answer.

I see many planes parked at the airports and some AI airport staff driving around. But I rarely to never see any other planes taxing/taking off/ or even landing.

I do have AI traffic on but the slider is turned down pretty low. Would I began seeing other planes coming in and out if the slider is increased? Mine is set pretty low right-not sure what the exact number is.

Thanks for any help

Yeah, the lower the slider the fewer planes you’ll see departing/arriving. You can try by maxing out the Offline AI traffic slider and see if that makes a difference.

If you set it to Online Live Traffic, you’ll get it based on the real life data of the aircraft around you. It does take some time for the aircraft to spawn.

Yeah set the Ai Slider to maximum and Get a CTD

Great Advice !!!

That’s why I said “try”… Just because you get CTD doesn’t mean other people will.

Thank you guys. I’ll turn the slider up and see what happens!

And please excuse me, I am still pretty new to this sim and flying in general, what is a “CTD”

CTD = Crash To Desktop. Which means the sim just close itself suddenly and you’re back at your Windows desktop screen.

There’s also CTR / CTB = Crash to Reboot or Crash to BIOS. Which means as you run the sim, the power gets suddenly cut, and your PC reboots back to BIOS before starting up Windows again.

Thank you. I assume when the AI traffic slider is increased the chances of CTD’s increases as well?

I only have my traffic sliders at 50, and I see tons of live traffic, not AI as I don’t use that. When I experienced a CTD at KDFW the other day, there must have been a dozen or more planes on the ground or in the vicinity. I’ve reverted one change to use generic plane models for AI planes only, leaving it off for MP, and see how that goes.

There was a bug a while back where without both Generic Plane Models options enabled, it allowed other players controls to leak through in to your own cockpit. You would see fuel cut off levers move by themselves, switches would be thrown etc., really like Poltergeist activity. I left those options on for months, and flew normally. I only turned them both off again a few months back, but I wonder if they still have some kinks to iron out with regards to AI/Live traffic.

Advice to OP would be to drag that slider up a bit, and spawn at a busy airport to see what happens. KLAX, or KLAS would be good choices. And also to look at turning on Generic Plane models for AI.

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Yes I use Live Traffic too, it’s greatly improved of late in terms of quantity and ATC readout

Leaving AI alone until further patches or 3rd party involvement.

I’m not playing the sim much at all until AIG comes out.