AI Aircraft Liveries and More AI Aircraft?

We already have liveries for the default A32N, we expect to see liveries for other aircraft and AI aircraft as well, and hopefully more AI models to help with VATSIM Model matching.

GAYA Simulations just posted previews of Vienna Airport

And there seems to be an Emirates 777

An EVA 777

and what seems to be a TUi Fly 737

Not sure if these are Static Aircraft or AI Aircraft, but if these are AI Aircrafts we are going to see in the future updates, it sure seems interesting.


Unfortunately, I’m quite sure that they are static aircrafts, just like those introduced by Orbx in EGLC and LOWI :frowning_face:

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Yeah, can’t wait for real airline liveries for the AI aircraft!

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I have the A320 megapack installed. Since ive done that, ive noticed AI traffic will have the 2 generic liveries and then 1 of the liveries from the mega pack. So i bet there is a way, but will take someone smart to figure out how to make the sim accept all liveries and not just the 2 generic and one random from added liveries.

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Modify the aircraft.cfg file there is a property for each livery “isAirTraffic” set this to 1 for the liveries you want to see ai use and you can set it to 0 to disable. However I think the liveries are chosen at random but still adds to the realism.


Yeah but if you for Example fly in Europe and Set some European Liveries to “1” there´s still just 1 Random picked Airline at the Airport. And it´s not very realistic that the Frankfurt Airport is full of Aeroflot Machines :slight_smile:

Here is what I did:
I downloaded the liveries from FLAI. I created a folder structure similar to what MSFS uses. I downloaded Alfa India flightplans. I changed the aircraft in the flightplans for the ones from FLAI. I changed the Take Off Speed from 55 to 155. Also the parking from “any” to “gate,ramp” and finally the Static cg hight, so the aircraft appears on the ground not floating in the air. And bingo. I have AI traffic (not live). But at least there are more models and more realistic.

No airline livery mods, no ai mods and set AI traffic generic off.
I’m seeing many, many different company jets, both in the air and at the gates/ramps.

JetBlue, your 300 below…
JetBlue, your 300 above…
JetBlue, are you awake?

Ok, made that up, just like picking on JetBlue…

I’d hope for livery pack to be based on eras so you could select your favorite era of traffic because I was a huge fan of flying on Northwest Airlines and us airways so mine would be the 2000’s era
For modern era you could set it to 2020’s and so on so it’s just not one era (I think today’s airlines are boring)