Ai ATC assist advice


I have been using the Ai ATC assist since getting fs2020 on xbox and I find that when I turn on the avionics/power in the aircraft that my co pilot requests for pushback before I have even inputted a flight plan or gone over controls in the cockpit, often I still have the parking break on and i’m getting pushed back,lol.

Is there a way to combat this, other than disabling Ai ATC assist or do you think I’m best just disabling it altogether. I’m just unsure how straight forward ATC is to learn basics of getting from point A to point B.


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Simply don’t turn on AI until ready for pushback. Doing the ATC yourself is relatively straight forward. When flying a large jet the Pilot Monitoring usually handles the radio while the Pilot Flying flies the aircraft. So in that sense letting the AI (co-pilot) handle the radios is realistic.

The right sequence before departure:

  • Listen out the ATIS
  • Request en-route (IFR) clearance
  • Request push-back
  • Request taxi
  • Report ready for departure

After that its just reading back what ATC is telling you. If you want to learn more, I wrote a mod which changes the FAA phraseology into ICAO phraseology. Depending on your location that might enhance realism. It comes with a 100+ page manual about radiotelephony.

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Brilliant thanks.

I actually forgot there is the in game Ai assist menu, I thought it was only via the main menu assist screen, so I will just set up everything from now on first and then switch it on.

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