AI ATC Co Pilot is out of its mind!

Seriously, this only seems to be getting worse. . . .

When I switch atc to be handled by the co pilot while flying IFR they either:
a. wont quit asking for a vector to next waypoint even though there’s already a flight plan.
b. starts requesting random altitudes that don’t correspond to anything
c. just flat out cancels the IFR in the middle of the flight! (remember, this is not the ATC canceling the IFR, but my AI co pilot doing it on its own, like ‘I’ wanted it canceled)

any ideas as to any of this craziness? I know the FS2020 ATC is pretty broken but this seems to be worse than it was even a month ago.

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Welcome to the world of AI, Chat Bots, and AI having a mind of its own. The Computers are taking over … (or have they done so already)

The only time what you describe has happened to me, is if I have the AI Assistant pop down menu open, and I forget, and start typing on the keyboard, and hit any of the AI Assistant menu item numbers.

But I agree, on each recent SU, it seem the AI Assistant become a worse pilot, not a better one .

Ok I know for sure the atc window wasn’t open but I do use camera shortcuts like alt+1 and I wonder if somehow that activated that somehow.