AI Co-pilot not working

Hi all not sure if I’m doing something wrong but the AI co-pilot feature does not follow the flight path at all, it gets it to the correct altitude then carries on into nowhere. This also brings me onto another issue which is it starts swaying heavily ?

Is anyone else having these issues ?


Hi, Chris!

Cheers Chris!

You are not the only one with the problem … they suggested you visit the following forum discussion:

AI copilot is a suicidal moron… I only trust them with my ATC radio… I don’t trust them to fly the aircraft.

I’m having the same problem and have raised it with ZenDesk. Hopefully there will be a patch to correct this and all the other issues in the latest patch very soon.

Co- Pilot is a terrible “Student Pilot” … his only good feature is that he is young, and has very quick reactions and ability to quickly trim the plane.

As far as his actual flying skills, he does not have a clue, especially when trying to land.
On the ground , he taxis way to fast, and will hit any other plane that it parked, as he tears around the airport.

When on the ground, he instantly ages to an OLD man, as does ATC, both who seem to be living in the late 90’s, believing they are still at the airport as it was back in the 90’s !!!

At least when ATC tells him to taxi on a taxiway that no longer has that name, he can remember back to the 90, and knows exactly what taxiway ATC is talking about.

He must spend a lot of time hanging about with the MSFS ATC guys (and Girls), as he seems to get on really well with them, and speaks their language.
Listening to the talk together when flying may be one of the most “entertaining” aspects of MSFS.

At least he is not as crazy as the AP, that seems to be possessed with a Death Wish.

Yes – at the moment MSFS is, (to me) an “Entertaining GAME” – after all these years of waiting since FSX, I had hoped for something so much better.

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at my latest attempt, AI co-pilot took off from among the terminal concourses.

When talking about ZenDesk with high expectations, it might help to picture this.



Had a response from support to let me know this is a known issue that the dev team are working on and I should follow this article for further updates.

Just installed the latest patch, the co-pilot issue was not included and the problem still persists

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I don’t think the AI copilot is going to be their high priority right now. It doesn’t feel like it’s an issue, but more of something that’s unfinished. I don’t think this will be finished in a short amount of time. programming copilot AI is difficult to do since there’s so many instructions to take into considerations to make the AI work the way you expect it to work, since there could be limitless variations of scenarios.

They should’ve just hold off the Copilot control and stick to Checklist assist and ATC handling, at least for now.

The AI co-pilot worked perfectly before the patch update. An update shoud not break previously working functions, there is a process in the dev world as regression testing and it seems this outfit haven’t got a handle on this at the moment.


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Actually, the AI pilot might be quite a good testing tool, if it worked reliably.

Running a saved flight, in fixed weather, the AI pilot is a way to quite closely repeat the same flight, numerous times, as a testing script. No way ideal, but at least the AI pilot can be left alone flying the plane, till the Sim Crashes, producing a Crash Log.

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I mastered the MSFS2020 flying on the A320, using the “AI” until there was the first update in “AI” mode, the A320 aircraft did everything according to the flight plan and instructions of the ATC followed the route. But after the first update, did not follow the route of the flight plan. Changes only the height according to the instructions of the ATC, but when set about 10,000 feet begins to swing (left-right). Turned in support advised to update Windows 10 and reinstall the simulator itself. I did everything, but the problem remained.

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The Flight director is the issue with all auto pilot glitches. simply turn off the Flight Director.

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I don;t think the OP and others are talking about the aircraft’s autopilot but rather the AI co-pilot. These are two different things. I’ve noticed that the AI-co-pilot (at least before the latest update(s) used to turn off the AP and “fly” the plane by itself. Now at around 10K feet it stops following the FP and flys at a straigh line (amongst other crazy things). In general the AI co-pilot destroys the plane and kills everyone on-board.
Shame really as I want to use this program as a virtual passenger and do virtual toursim :frowning: .


Yes, this tread is about the AI Pilot, not AP.
The AI Pilot keeps going straight. I found that if you turn it off when it does this and get the plane back on course (say for landing), it will continue that and even turn for left base. But you’ll have to take over for the landing part because the AI Pilot took a break and went to the cabin at a crucial moment of flight.

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