AI co-pilot

AI co-pilot lands in the correct runway but not right in the middle. Always to the left touching outside of the runway too.

Yes t is often off. It needs a few fixes.

A. No over throttling on take off with Direct and VOF to VOF (High alt IFR does help but will sometimes over speed on ATC directed alt climbs)
B. proper line ups and path finding.
C. No sudden loss of control if you paused for a pic.

TIPS until FIXED for those learning.

A little help and advice. Trust in yourself. Use co pilot for certain times and preset up flight correctly.

On the airbus or 747. Yes co-pilot helps landing to decelerate and all. But don’t trust it over yourself.

Co-pilot is not 100 percent. It can be left or right if you interfere, pause flight ect. IT seems to get better with some settings.

SETUP flight.

  1. Setup your From and Destination airport.

  2. Use IFR High Altitude airways not DIrect GPS (adjust alt lower from 38,000 to 28,000 to 30,000 for shorter flights in flight plan)

  3. Fly.

(Have AI window open, let co-pilot handle radio, checklist but be ready to toggle the plane control)

If not starting at strip and starting at gate, go ahead let the Co-pilot do it, that is what they are paid for.

Take over if need be, leave ai off/on window open!

Take Off:
Keep a wooden paddle ready to flog you Co-Pilot

_Often the co pilot will lift to slow at FULL throttle. A no no. Once you have lift and are going up at about a 45 degree angle (slow not to hard). Full throttle is not needed.

Let co Pilot start take off… then turn it off when up to speed, back sure your throttle is set max or wait till lifting.

  1. You should manfully lift the nose slowly into a 45 degree angle.
  2. Retract landing Gear
  3. Slightly decrease angle and turn slow towards next way point. (use external view when needed)
  4. continue to climb slow.
  5. Then when close to lining up.
  6. TURN ON AUTOPILOT NOT CO-PILOT. (AP is the red left button on the Saitek yoke setup)

Auto Pilot will continue to climb to cruise alt. and get you on track. SOemtimes co-pilot is fine on IFR but tends to over speed on high alt climbs.

(Co-pilot is messed up right now and will over throttle and may not do it right).

Relax now

Did I mention that great Auto pilot system?
Radio the steward to bring coffee. Some snacks.

When approaching Decel and lowering area.

  1. Keep an eye on that time Auto Pilot ill often properly begin the process. You can turn on Co-pilot right at start or jsut before and it may do its job.
  2. IF it is not lining up take over. adjust stick/yoke or trim left and right.
  3. when coming in, GLIDE, cut power coast in. Then as you land let the co-pilot take over when you are sure you are aligned. It has gotten much more accurate lately for me, but i liek to control things. If you can land yourself then take Co pilot on she/he will decel plane faster for you.

IF you want to see other players set all plays, or live, if you do that turn of live traffic for real world. KEEP AI TRAFFIC OFF, ITS GARBAGE

(FOr more fun and realism set starting not on runway but at a gate (medium for airbus), make sure co pilot was off last time ALWAYS TURN IT OFF or set it so it isnt on at starts. COnnect the dock, load luggage, load food. Make sure on top center you have external APU on and ask for a power truck then other stuff)

Great advice.

Been flying with AI copilot Chuckie a lot and mostly enjoying it. I have assigned the trigger on my stick to toggle Chuckie on/off … just in case I need to take control quickly (although the trim is usually so far off that you have to be prepared for some aerobatics …)

I have found that the AI copilot (in the CJ4 & Latitude) does have a habit of undershooting the approach - not always, but often, so watch for that.

I also put in a Zendesk ticket to default AI copilot to ‘off’ on flight startup (or at least give that option). Don’t suppose it’s high on the priority list right now.

I think my co-pilot “Mr. 2020” failed his psych exam. When flying planes that don’t have an AP I try to use him to take a brake. I find when leaving very small airports Mr. 2020 likes to cut power and drowned us in the ocean. I think he might be a little blind to because he doesn’t seem to see the mountains filling our cockpit window. When flying VOR he doesn’t like my choice of VOR radials to fly and seems to randomly pick his own which can be in the complete wrong direction. If I then input a direct flight into the GPS he decides to exceed the max ceiling of the plane we are flying. Maybe just to see me pass out due to lack of o2.

There is certainly a lot of random behavior to my co-pilot some times it works fine and others not so much. If I plan to use him at all it seems best to flip him on just as I get air born and let him find the first outer marker and then get on course. After that I can turn him on off and he seems to do the right thing (expect VOR)