AI Control Aircraft - AI Pilot is broken, no longer works as expect

it’s an improvement and it does show that they are at least making an effort to fix it…it may take a few more updates to get it at 100% correct

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(Update) THE WORLD VIII UPDATE messed The AI Control up, its not working 100% anymore NOW its back to crashing again. and when it get close to the airports it Hovers way to low to the ground and Crashes. Please fix this.

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It is incredible that after so much time something so notorious and to a certain extent important cannot work well. For now I can see that the landings have improved a lot, however, the AI ​​does not fly at the altitude indicated by the ATC, the takeoffs are a bit strange since the plane only rises a little, and from there it gains altitude (if there is some immediate mountain in front collides). Although it follows the flight plan, sometimes it takes the curves wrong or goes slightly off course.


Completely agree.

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Perfect flight on AI until landing at KATL. Delta flight ahead of us was slow to exit runway so ATC ordered a go around. Engines throttled up, gear and flaps retracted, then we began a climb that that never ended. We stayed on runway heading and simply kept climbing. Shutting the AI off resulted in a power dive. No survivors! Basically, the AI is mostly unusable on most flights.

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AI Control Is Still Broken. with the New SU9 update. when flying IFR the ATC still says Please Expedite Your Climb, it was not Fixed. and also when landing the planes it Hover’s over half the runway until it lands in the Grass. The Attitude is way off. Please FIX.


I finally downloaded the latest updates to give this another whirl. It’s still not right as the others are reporting. On a go around it executes it but then stays straight and gains altitude and just keeps going and going and going. Also, the flight plan only allows one to set the cruise altitude, but then the approach altitude, if not suited for the terrain, will cause problems. It looks to me like it has improved in terms of take offs and following the heading of the flight plan, but the landings and going around is not working from what I could see. What I don’t get is after all of this time is how is this feature is still worse than on the day of initial release. If I could just have it back to as good as it was on the day of initial release along with all the other new features it would be great. Maybe this is just something they have no intention of making work seamless.


The broken ai is worse than ever, complete utter rubbish. This should be NUMBER 1 priority DEVS not that you even bother.


When using Ai to land, the recent landings seems to be totally off. The airport is markt as arrival airport, but the lines drawned is not following the runway - and the plane seem to follow that straight line. Is this new, cause Ai landing have been good, well not good but okey before…

I can’t get the AI to do anything other than nose dive into the ground. And once activated, I can’t take back control. Used to be good in aircraft without an Autopilot, I could leave them to it and fly round taking screenshots. Now all i get is screenshot of the aircraft as it plummets towards the ground.

As people have said previously, stop adding new content until you fix the stuff that is already included.

I am retired so I have plenty of time to fly the simwhich I downloaded directly from the ms-store onto my Windows10 PC. I have over 3000 hours logged which includes the 1250 hours I lost for unknown reason some time ago. My issue is with the AI function from the pull down menu. I have experienced the same issues time and time again which makes me think none of the designers care about the AI mode. I have had so many fly into terrain incidents because the still AI does not look far enough ahead for the plane to be able to climb over rising terrain. Very annoying! I really love it when I am using AI tp fly across the ocean, and sometimes while still 500 to 1000 miles from my intended destination, the A320 or CJ4 will drop down from their 30k + altitude to 2500 feet and slow to 250kts. Talk about unrealistic. Less disastrous but just as annoying is the sometimes totally non sensical taxiing around the airport after landing and not following the blue arrows, assuming of course it actually lands on the runway. Extremely disappoint for an otherwise great program.

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The GA AI pilot is also not very good on the ground, and will often hit other parked GA aircraft in the GA ramp area, not to mention other vehicles & ground crew.

Broken for me here as well. It takes off, flies fine for a while then suddenly decides it want sto cruise at 2000 feet and ends up crashing into something. Out of 10 flight I think maybe 2 have actually landed at the target airport

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Well did a flight from KBOS to KSFO. AI pilot crash landed in the mountains at 7k feet somewhere in Montana or something after a perfect 37k ft cruise. Then overflew SFO at 36k feet and was 350NM into the Pacific when I saw it again.

I have seen some OK-ish results (no crashing) with AI piloting the Cessna Citation, while limiting the cruise level to about FL320. He will do some crazy go arounds, but in the end manages to land and taxi in.
Hopefully Asobo will spent some time to fix this functionality in 2023.

My experience:

I set up a IVR flight real time and weather. Engage the AI pilot.

Some airfields the aircraft takes off (It doesnt seem to matter which aircraft), at others it waits issuing a ‘no takeoff’ error and either is dead still, or the aircraft crawls at a slow speed to the end of the runway issues a tremendous revers thrust, which raises the nose of the aircraft, before it fall back to the ground!

If i force the aircraft into the air (disengage ai and press Y) lifting up to approx 500 ft and then reingage the ai (press Y again) . The radio and the aircraft engage in the set flight. (not very immersive)

Landings range from good to fatal. Landing short or crasshing into houses or hillside nearby.

As an armchair flyer I too wish the AI would get some overhaul - please!


That’s the issue I’m having I finally gave it a go in the L39. He did ok short flight from Denver 12500 altitude, then landed…next to the runway but partially on it in Colorado Springs. My issue is some of the GA aircraft flight plan set I’ll take off get everything set after take off check list done, hand it over to AI when I’m in a nonautopilot plane. Then you here him talk on the radio, as he slowly spirals at the ground. Not sure why it’s doing that. At first I thought he was turning back around to land then he just kept turning eventually into the ground.

Today is the first day I have tried a complete AI flight in a long time.

I could be dreaming, but it seems like Co-Pilot Charlie actually noses up on take-off now because the plane gained altitude much faster than it did in the past.

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Hey there, I’m new to the forum, and apologize in advance if this isn’t the right topic to post this to. And sorry if I use some incorrect terms.

I was enjoying the view a bit today and let the AI pilot fly the plane, and decided to skip to the landing at the destination airport in Arizona shortly before reaching Canada. After I did that, I re-enabled AI piloting, which proceded to fly two circles as if it were in a holding pattern despite no planes being in sight.
After that, it started following the landing path. Which it left once, circled back in, and shortly before reaching the airport it turned around by roughly 220° before crashing into the terrain. By the time I decided to step in it was already too late and I couldn’t react in time.
I did record a video of the issue, but as a new member I can’t seem to share it.

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Today i just tried the Longtidude and the ai pilot wouldn’t even take off! I used to love using this plane but the ai pilot is totally broken on it at the moment. I hope they do fix it.