Ai Copilot wont do the comms when switched off then toggled back on again

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I7 9400 32gb rtx 3060
FBW A320 experimental also happened in CJ4 longitude
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Honeycomb throttle/ logitech yoke
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Before I start up the FBW i turn off the ai copilot in assistance [because he rushes to get us to push back]. After Ive got IFR clearance and pushback/ready to start, I will toggle the Ai co pilot to handle the comms and 8/10 times after engine start he will ask for taxi clearance sometimes he wont. I have tried waiting until line up and after departure then toggled the ai copilot on in the pop up window but he doesnt want to take over the comms

  • Thanks Andy

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Was he turned on when you hit the battery switch?
I have noticed that he won’t work if he started something but didn’t finish it.

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He indeed was I was in the FBW cold and dark, and he decided to request ifr and got no responce back due to the battery off thats when I toggled him to the off position. Then when the battery was turned on atc started giving me the IFR Info tho the AI copilot was turned off by me .

I have noticed that he won’t work if he started something but didn’t finish it.

Seems like the same issue here them Thanks The sevenflyer^

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I also use the AI co-pilot for comms. I don’t activate him until I’m done with everything from cold & dark startup procedures
, starting and setting up avionics, flight plan, and basically being ready to taxi. Then I’ll select it, and get my IFR clearance and he’ll request push-back (if needed) or request taxi clearance.


Yeah do the same thing does he work on some flights but not others for you also.

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AI Co-Pilot comms work randomly for me. It’s hit and miss whether it works or not, I can’t make out any reason that it doesn’t work.

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Not that I can remember. I do get the occasional dropping of ATC and can only hear the AI co-pilot responding, but that hasn’t happened in the last week or so.

Not sure if it makes any difference, but I don’t use AI traffic. That will drive you insane with the constant atc requests for them to descend, etc.