AI ignore controller approved altitudes

This bug has always been here but in 1.12 it seems worse than ever.

Apart from being incredibly annoying hearing ATC constantly reprimanding AI, she is also too busy to give me permission to climb to cruise alt on departure (or maybe this is another bug) instead I had to request altitude increases 3 times until I got to cruise alt.

Is this a known issue and something that will be addressed in the next update? Perhaps it is due to changing weather conditions? Could they add a +500feet buffer to stop this?

Yes. And it drives me mad. You hear hundreds of calls during a 3+ hour flight.

Right, not just me, strange they haven’t fixed this one.

Perhaps Asobo could also add an option to “show ATC menu when called” like P3D has, this would means I could lower the ATC volume and not have to hear all this.

Another bug, “centre” cleared me to 3,000 (Cologne Bonn 14L, KOPAG STAR) and then when I got down she said climb to 12,000 before passing me to Approach! :see_no_evil:

This item was delivered as part of Sim Update 9 (