AI landing the A320

Hi I’m fairly new to flight sim but been on FSX for many years.When landing the A320 using AI it very rarely lands on the runway correctly usualy to the left or right am I using the correct settings?
Also is there any way of stopping the aircraft banking like a fighter jet when changing course.
Any help anyone could give will be much appreciated
Thanks Ian

Hi @GiggyGlue153080,
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Are you referencing the AI Control Pilot or the autopilot? Also, are you using the default A320 or using any addons for it?

AI assist is to “assist” you in learning the aircraft systems. They usually work well with simple aircraft like the Cessna 172 or the Daher TBM. A320 is a complex aircraft with complex flight computers, what usually happens is that the AI doesn’t seem to be designed to fly complex aircrafts. So it tends to “fight” against what the aircraft should behave.

I think once you learned about what the A320 is really capable of, you can leverage the aircraft Auto-land system without the AI copilot interfering. (But this is only on the FlyByWire A32NX aircraft mod)

Hi Hester thanks for your reply.Yes I am usibg just AI and the default A320.,The main difference with FSX
is that FSX had the map of the incomming airport whereas FSX new doesnt.I approach the airport at a
relevany height but then when selecting AI the aircraft goes off on it’s own way.

Hi Neo is the A320NX aircraft model an optional extra?

The Devs acknowledged the difficulties in having the AI Pilot do landings properly in one of the Dev Q&A this year on Twitch/Youtube…

Be careful, that AI pilot flies you into the nearest mountain without hesitation.
Not so be used without supervision.


Hi @GiggyGlue153080,
If it’s the AI Control pilot (not the autopilot) there has been issues with this for some time. If it is the AI Control, up vote and contribute to this topic in Bugs & Issues (the developers do know about this):


That feature is broken on some aircraft. However, you could download the A32NX and do auto landings on runways with ILS approaches.

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Yes it’s an addon and treated as a separate aircraft. But it’s getting more and more closer to the real A320.

You can download the installer here. And once you do, run the installer to install the Development Version:


Hi Neo,many thanks for your advice.I have downloaded the aircraft via the MSFS market place page for free.Is there anywhere to get help on the piloting of this aircraft.
Kind regards,Ian

YouTube. Some great tutorials.

I would suggest checking out “EasyJet Sim Pilot”

Many tutorials on different flight stages but like everything else the best way to learn is just hop in and fly it

Hey Giggy, the FBW A320 has Auto-land feature in it. It’s quite fun once you learn to setup the FMGC correctly.

I helped others allready with the basics of this beauty. If you want i can help via discord (shared screen also no problem) and get you in the air very quick. Just sent me a pm when interested.

Hi thanks so much for your offer of help.I will definately be in touch but one thing you need to knowI
I am 76 and not tech savvy so it will be all down to you.Speak to you soon Ian

This made me laugh but your 100% right getting the A1 to land the A320

I find 320 Sim Pilot - YouTube is a good place to learn about flying the A320. I learned a lot from him.

You mean the AI? A1 is a steak sauce

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