AI nameplates visible but no plane

Hi guys,

So I’ve been having an annoying issue. I get loads of traffic (multiplayer and real live traffic) but the actual model isn’t showing for 90% of them. I get the nameplate above where the plane is supposed to be. Anyone else get this and know how to solve it?

According to the tag, it’s at -37 feet? That would put it below the ramp!

True. I’d agree with that, however it happens to in flight planes as well.

I’ve seen nameplates but never an aircraft.

Its a situation that seem to have been getting increasingly more present in later SIM Updates.
Seems to be a trade off between FPS, and what you can see, and little or no choice as to which of those the user can optimize for.

You can check out this mod I made if you want. I don’t think it’ll fix your specific altitude data issue, but it might address some invisible air traffic models, while at the same time applying the liveries to them.

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