AI Offline traffic - no airliners. Prove it for yourself

As in the title.

Please note, this topic relates to AI Offline traffic only, not multiplay and not Live traffic.

Try this experiment:

Clear the Community folder of all mods.

Go to London Heathrow EGLL - reputedly the busiest 24 hour airport in the world.

Set traffic parameters to AI Offline, not multiplayer, not live AI. Ensure that AI is set in the flight conditions on the world map and AI Offline in the Traffic options. Set traffic to use Generic models.

Set GA aircraft to zero. Set airliners to between 90-100%.

Go to drone camera and get an overview of the airport/ Set weather to clear skies to ensure all aircraft are visible.

There are NO aircraft moving on the ground and there are NO aircraft in the skies. Before the mini hotfix last week, AI offline was working, now it is not working at all.

I have analysed the ai-traffic.bgl file using AIFP and all the schedules referring to the A320 are there.

It would seem that Asobo have killed AI offline airliners completely.

What is interesting however is that if you set GA to 20%, you then get airliners landing (not taking off) but they are directed to GA parking or ask for GA parking. They are in fact GA aircraft using Airbus models.

The default EGLL always directs airliners to the Gate, not to parking.

FS2020 is now apparently for GA only when it comes to AI offline traffic.

Zendesk have been informed, though in my experience that generally achieves little. If you can be bothered however, please file a report.


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