AI Plane Routes

Does anyone know what the AI plane routes entail? Do they fly from GA airport to GA airport in GA planes as well?

There’s a BGL file that schedules the routes for both GA and Commercial Offline AI traffic.

Live Traffic is fed from FlightAware via their commercial API, supplemented by GA Offline AI traffic.

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Thanks for the info. So does the BGL file contain all GA airports? What about modded airports?

I just don’t see many (if any) AI planes when flying around my small New Zealand airfields and was wondering if MSFS even has a process for having planes fly in and out of these places

There should be some.
Did you check your GA traffic slider in General options?

yep it’s all maxed out. But if the BGL doesn’t have any routes I don’t see how there can be any GA planes. Unless the routes are dynamically generated?

GA and Commercial traffic density was munged together sometime either at or after SU5.

So there’s a ratio (unknown exactly) when you drag that slider over for Offline AI.

Not sure if the file contains the ORG-DEST.

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the BGL files contains compiled flight information. Incl. STD, STA, Flightlevel, departure airport and destination airport, the livery used for this flight and how of then this flight is repeated in a week.

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