AI Ribbon always takes same dead end path no matter the runway

No matter the runway I select in the ATC menu (untoward airport) I always get this path and then it ends as I’ve highlighted.

There are no errors detected and all runway taxi points are connected. Anyone have an idea of what could be wrong? Even 34 and 28 are doing this.

The the runway taxi segments seem to be named funny, like “34 - NONE”, “10 - NONE” but I have no ability to set that.

Also, is there an AI debug tool that can show what the sim thinks?

Adding to symptoms, I’ve gotten the AI taxi ribbons to sometimes go the right way, but then every time I get to a any hold short on the way, the co-pilot announces that we are at the runway about depart.

Something is seriously messed up! But I’ve watched all the normal videos and read through the SDK but all the examples out there seem to cover a simple, single runway configuration.

Since I have three runways in a cross pattern, do I need to make three individual sets of duplicate taxiway paths? That seems rather messy and complex.