AI Traffic A330 only

Hi guys, it’s been since a long time that I’m only seeing A330 traffic. Community folder empty. Occasionaly, at big airports, I’ll see, out of 30 A330, ONE Citation and a couple A380s. I guess this is not normal, right?!

They are randomly assigned, though… Unless the actual aircraft model matches exactly with the one in your library. Otherwise, it will randomly pick the generic model to use. So not that strange.

So, it’s normal to only see 99% A330 as ai traffic? No 787, no A320?

Check your Content.xml file for residual entries from previously installed mods that might affect traffic models. Even removing sometimes doesn’t clear their entries in that file and the sim thinks it’s still active.

I’ve checked, but never installed any other AI mod. Only thing I have is IVAO CSL folder, but their icao_generic property is set to 0.