AI Traffic Livaries vs FSLTL

I am using the Options in FS to have on-line AI traffic and I set it to download liveries and not just use the ones I have installed. I have also installed and use FSLTL injector with all the base models within it.

I generally have found the built in one in Sim Update 12 looks better. I see more Airplanes Landing at the airports. I find FSLTL has lots of ground traffic but I don’t see much landing and taking off (even after having the game running for an hour). The Flight Sim On-Line traffic option for me I think looks better.

The problem is you see many more blank liveries with the Microsoft Option over the FSLTL option. I do see a few livaries that I don’t own using the MS option like West Jet and south west but not as many as I see with FSLTL.

Is their a way to get more liveries in the MS On-line traffic option? I basically want the MS traffic with FSLTL liveries. :slight_smile:

Any recomendations.

FS doesn’t download liveries. It has a set pool of skins (mostly the ones from previous FS editions) but there has never been an option to have the base sim download more.

The only way to get more is to locate and download liveries manually into Community folder, or use third party products like FSLTL, SimpLe Traffic, Just Flight Traffic, etc.

I am using FSLTL base package installed without using injector.
I am seeing a lot of different aircraft starting and landing at big airports with different liveries.

Yes I am thinking that the FSLTL liveries are getting added to the Base MS on-line game making it better.

What I am seeing is the FSLTL is lacking a lot of 737 Max livery and that is the majority of my white airplanes in North America.

In theory, yes. Because I’ve done it before long before FSLTL was released. Basically, what I did was I use the default Asobo A320 and set it to become the default generic traffic model. While at the same time, going through all the generic folder in the MSFS Official folders and set them to isGeneric=0 as well as set each field in their FLTSIM for isAirTraffic=0. This will disable every generic aircraft model from ever being used as moving and ground aircraft traffic. Since the Asobo A320 is the only one flagged as generic, they’re the only models used.

I also replaced all the Asobo A320 liveries from the blank/plain ones into Skyteam, OneWorld, and Star Alliance liveries. That way, whenever there’s no matching liveries for the air traffic, the generic model (the Asobo A320) will be chosen and the random alliance liveries will spawn in their place instead. So no more blank/plain model and liveries being used, and the rest are populated with the other liveries you have installed.

But for some reason, when I did the same method today, I actually don’t get “any” traffic from the default MSFS live traffic mode. So I’m not sure if I need to do it differently, or if it just straight up no longer working in the latest updates. So for now, I just use the FSLTL traffic injector, combined with the FS Traffic model and liveries as priority.

I get “accurate”-ish airline parking at the correct gates, but I don’t get the same problem as you with the lack of taking off/landing traffic. Because I get them in my busy airport.

I would suggest you try Las Vegas airport. It is very busy and easy spot to see a number of white 737 Max at any day of the week. Also try using the FS real time vs the injector. Because it tends to show more planes … (I have to admit I have seen more realistic traffic landing and such since Sim update 12 with the MS vs Injector). But the base models for Injector still work for the MS option so you get the best of both. I think the Base Model project is a great project just alone.