Ai Traffic Needs Fixing Wishlist Thread

SDK needed that AIG can do their great work.


That would be great but the foundation needs to be laid properly.

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I would like to see 3rd party add on AI traffic in the sim like Alpha India Group. I’m sure that there are many others that would agree with me.
Many thanks


Alpha India Group are the best. Please consult them and collaborate with them to add their AI manager. Thank you!


I have shelled out tons of money for “those other AI programs” and spent days trying to tweak them to get them to work properly and AIG has it hands down. I give my money to them now…lol

Be safe everyone!!



Yes I know what you mean! Traffic lIve, Traffic Global, Real Traffic…lots of money and lots of pleasure! I am one of those people who can happily sit at an in sim Airport watching the traffic come in and leave. Thats what i miss so much in this current sim.


Yes inst working …, if you following it when you start at descend is not tell you the right things so i must follow the waypoint altitude

Would be cool if people could go over the list again and point out things that are still perhaps missing or could be worded more accurately: Cheers. Hopefully the amount of votes is helping this to get the attention of our dear friends in high places!

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yes, you are absolutely right.

In my case, a P3D v4.5 with AIG AI Manager looks much better at airports than MSFS 2020 so far.


me too, I find this an absolutely top-class program. Thanks to the developers.


You speak from the soul … :+1:t2: :+1:t2:

AI manager doesn’t take control of the AI. It just adds plane types and liveries. The sim is still responsible for controlling the AI with all it’s problems. So do all the other ‘Traffic’ add-ons. It’s not about adding planes and liveries, the problems on the wish list are hard coded in the sim.
That’s what the list is for, fixing these.

This is the thing. The foundation needs to be solid otherwise it wont work whatever thrid party comes in.

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well when they open up thr API we can try something with AIGTC to get more controll on the AI


Hi i use AIG AI Manager and FOLLOW AIG Forums for quite some time.
I also have UTLIVE for AI Traffic.
Thing is , in my opinion AIG is updated in almost every flightplans. The work with updates for AI models, textures , and continuos work to improve is wonderful.
OCI is one example.
I have 213 GB of AI Traffic on my Old FSX Steam provided by AIG and members and MAIW forum.
With OCI , no more time looking for textures and flightplans , and i do now how mutch time we take on that.
So , yes Would be nice to have again the AI Traffic on MSFS 2020.
Hope to see this done when possible.

Stay well


Hopefully we have got enough votes for this to get the attention of our dear devs!


I’d also agree with getting real world AI traffic and AIG are definitely great at what they do. It’s a shame Ultimate GA aren’t around any more as they were experts at producing modern BizJets, paints and representative flightplans.

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Would be nice to provide feedback on airports , Hell the instructions here are incorrect

I have posted the Step needed done before OCI is comming to MSFS over at AIG. The first steps are needed to be done by the MSFS developers and when this is done the whole process can start slowly.

The main features we need at the moment:

  1. Complete SDK for AI Traffic
  2. A stable Sim that can handle more then one FSX MDL and Repaint without a CTD

the only two request i have:

  1. correct model matching
  2. if you add in a 737 model make it flyable for the user and the AI
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