Ai Traffic Needs Fixing Wishlist Thread

Two days ago I gave it a try in Miami Intl, in real time and all the planes coming and going were asobo generic piston single engine or twin engine labeled as AAL or as other airlines. Not a single generic twin jet.
Apart from this, the generic aircraft are a pityful representation of the reality.
How I miss the models in UT2!

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I will go through the thread and add any items to the first post and see if things can be worded better.

Hopefully the thread can keep getting votes to ensure it stays in the awareness of the devs.

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Lets get her done :slight_smile: The ai traffic progress or unprogress…

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Once the Live Traffic is working as it should, I think it would be good to fix the gate codes, so they can be filled with static planes with a corresponding livery.
If we set the ground traffic to zero, the airports appear almost desertic because aircraft turn their transponder off while stopped on the ground.
To overcome this, the gates could be filled with static planes always taking into consideration the area where the airport is and thus not showing a Delta 737 in Toulouse. I think this can only be done from the ASOBO side.
Right now I think the Live traffic is working reasonably well. The only thing we need are good AI liveries with low CPU consumption and this appears to be under consideration at the moment.
Happy and safe new year to all.

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Brief description of the issue:
This morning I was number 20 at Dulles (KIAD) and I sat in line for an hour. This evening I’m encountering another long line trying to depart KSFO. In both cases, only one runway was in operation which exacerbated the problem as arrivals don’t clear the runway fast enough. Meanwhile, departures take too long to get moving. Whatever got changed to limit airports to one runway needs to be reverted. I had to add fuel twice at Dulles, just to stay above my minimum take off requirements.

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AI traffic will log onto center always say desending to 10000 even though it is only halfway to destination.

Hi all!
Please use the #bugs-and-issues subcategories when reporting bugs/issues. Keep the wishlist only on changes/features requests in MSFS. Thank you!

the “caution traffic” warning never happens anymore during taxiing…Now airport traffic just ignores that a plane is taxiing & drive right through it. I think i saw a bus a few times on a runway as well.It would be so much cooler if they had to give way in some situation for the passing plane,recognizing that there is a plane there.