AI traffic repeatedly being told to expedite

Are you still working on this?
I’m getting constant ATC expedite callouts for the AI craft and using AIG inject with AI turned off in sim.

Asobo really needs to completely revamp the traffic in this sim from the ground up.


Added GA back to my offline AIG traffic and the expedite/climb/decend messages from ATC got a lot worse. Can be a Pain when you can’t get your own communication through.


Playing on Xbox atc keeps telling traffic to expedite descent to 10,000ft despite them cruising at FL270 or above in real life, and not due for descent for some time yet.

Observe from the 00:43m timestamp

SU8 didn’t fix the issue and it did overwrite the voicepack file, so if you’d manually edited before SU8 overwrote those changes and you have to manually fix it again.

Go into the “fs-base” folder in the official files and open the “en-USloc.Pak” file (or whatever local language voice pack your MSFS is using) in a text editor.

Search for the term “expedite” and you’ll find several lines together where ATC gives the expedite command. Remove the text inside the brackets so those lines will read:


and that will fix your being overrun with ATC telling everyone to expedite repeatedly (at least until the next time MSFS updates that file and you have to do it again).

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Yeah, that’s because the ATC is simulated on it’s own in the sim. While the life traffic positioning comes from the real world data. So the ATC gives them instructions as if it’s a simulated aircraft. But the aircraft would refuse to follow it if the real world data is still being synced.

I don’t see any way to fix this other than turning off one of them which has its own drawbacks. To fix this issue it would be either:

  1. The live traffic data is only used for spawning the traffic with their position, altitude, and flight plan. But their actual flight is fully simulated within the sim. That way ATC instructions will be followed by the air traffic. The drawback here is, as soon as it spawns, it could no longer follow the same behaviour as in real life. It could arrive earlier, it could arrive later, it could cruise at a different altitude, etc. Or
  2. The live data continuously track their position and always sync with the live data. But the ATC don’t contact them at all so it doesn’t affect them. The good thing here is that the live traffic would behave as realistic as in the real life. But there’s no ATC communication with them.

If you had to choose between these two to solve it, which one would you pick?

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I don’t think Live Traffic has anything to do with it. You get it very much with offline traffic too. I think two things are at play. The aircraft altimeters don’t match what ATC sees and spawning AI aircraft at an altitude much higher/lower than where ATC wants them.

If you read the other thread you’ll see what Kaii from AIG posted:

the reason for this is quite simple:

AI Airplanes always use the same barometric pressure. Over at AIG we are currently investigating (actual already testing) a fix for this that will be included in our AIG Traffic Controller. For now we are able to fix the callouts above FL180. For the once below FL180 we have the code ready, but are getting some exceptions within SimConnect…

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I don’t even hear ATC say it to AI, it’s always directed at me instead. This has been an issue since release based on forum search results, don’t think it’ll ever be fixed.

The aircraft altimeters don’t match what ATC sees

This seems to be the case, I believe that above the transition altitude (18k?), your altitude which ATC sees resets from the pressure they provide you, back to the default 2992. Whereas for AI it seems to always be incorrect, at least with live weather enabled.

I think they should just ignore altitude deviations by AI/NPC planes. I can’t think of a situation where I would ever care that an NPC was 300 feet above their assigned altitude or not climbing fast enough.

Edit: a word


It’s a year ago that I started this thread after having suffered from the issue since release.

I stopped flying at the end of October after having seen not much done about several long term irritants in the sim. I recently returned and have been pleasantly surprised by the overall improvement in graphics, stability and some of the newly released aircraft available in my time away. Unfortunately however the ATC issue remains. On the one hand it is easily rectifiable by simply turning off all traffic however that results in you being the only plane in the sky and the loneliness is tangible. On the other hand leaving it on usually means IFR flightplans become endangered if you can’t elbow your response into the string of nonsense. So to be safe you need to allot ATC communications to the co pilot, which then introduces its own issues.

It’s a shame that such a fundamental part of any flight sim, being interaction with the ground, remains bugged and ignored by the developers over 18 months after release


I couldn’t agree more. There is a (expensive, but excellent) solution: Pilot2ATC. If ATC is important for you, i can really recommend it.

The planes are starting for me now…but how??? After 15m they take off and hover slowly like a zeppelin at 60km/h… Impossible!!!

thats an issue with the lagacy FDE (AIR Files), if you use modern FDE it is slightly better

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Okay what is FDE and how do I do it?

FDE = flightmodel, check the SDK for more infos :wink:

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since it is not 100% fixable on our end we have removed the partial hotfix for now in TC

fixed in su9 beta release notes