Ai Traffic w/ option off

I know there are thousands of ai traffic post questions, but I get frustrated seeing a KLM A320 in South Florida with ai options off. I am running Alpha-India Ai. What do I need to do to get all these incorrect airlines outta my turf?

You need to go to the General Options → Traffic. Then you change the slider of Ground Aircraft to 0. These ground aircraft slider is “random” meaning it will pull random aircraft model and livery from your AIG pool and place them onto the gates and parking. With it off, the sim will not spawn them.

AI Traffic = moving AI traffic.
Ground Aircraft = Parked AI traffic on the gates.

These two are managed differently and separately by the sim. The AI Traffic will use the correct model and livery according to the traffic data. But the Ground aircraft parked at the gate are completely random.

But the drawback to setting the ground aircraft slider to 0 is that your airports will be empty, and you have to either rely on the Live traffic to start spawning moving traffic for departing traffic, or use the AIG Traffic Controller app to inject the aircraft onto them.