AIG AI Manager and Traffic Controller for MSFS

Have two aircrafts of this type at London Heathrow right now.

Is there anything I can do to fix it?

it’s an LOD issue…can sometimes fix it by moving around.

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Thank you. I will try it.

I’ve been seeing for the first time some Gulfstream executive jets with AIG traffic!


Will the “expedite your climb/ descent” messages from Atc ever be fixed. I currently use aig in offline mode. Was inbound to the San Francisco earlier and had to just fly in without using Atc because I couldn’t get a word in.


Asobo say that MSFS is a 10 year development project, so don’t hold your breath waiting :wink:


I use the Co-Pilot assistance (on the menu bar) for ATC comms, it always works and leaves me free to handle the plane.

I never have an issue with talking to Atc and flying. This flight, with California air space being busy and atc telling each aircraft to expedite, I couldn’t acknowledge any instructions or request flight changes. It was quite annoying so I just went rogue.

Lol… I really wish instead of making world updates and Reno air races they would first allow the sim to run as it should. I get they need to create content for revenue but a lot of major functions are bugged. Thank the lord for mods.


Yeah especially when using AIG the “…expedite” calls get extremely annoying

we are aware of the reason, but can not add any workaround at the moment… :frowning:

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Since there is a mod that is changing the ATC text i wonder if it would be possible to “delete” the expedite line. You would still hear the click on the radio but that would be it.

Hmm never heard of that…Do you have a link to that mod?

That is probably the European Phraseology mod.


Thanks for the link!

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Exactly. Now the question is if we could use that method in order to “mute” parts of the ATC.

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The author is here on the forums a lot, you may want to contact him.

Did anyone try this mod? I just briefly looked at the script that it executes, and it seems to me like it’s already trying to do just that (replacing the ‘expedite’ phrase with an empty phrase:

'      "ATCCOM.AGNT_AC_VECTOR_EXPEDITE_CLIMB.0.text": "{callsign_shortened}, please expedite your climb {altitude_new}.",','      "ATCCOM.AGNT_AC_VECTOR_EXPEDITE_CLIMB.0.text": "",' -replace
'      "ATCCOM.AGNT_AC_VECTOR_EXPEDITE_CLIMB.0.tts": "{callsign_shortened}, please expedite your climb {altitude_new}.",','      "ATCCOM.AGNT_AC_VECTOR_EXPEDITE_CLIMB.0.tts": "",' -replace

So be patient

It actually might, based on one comment on

"Thank you so much for this mod :wink:

It solved the so nerving “pls expedite…” bug and also brings so much more realism to the european atc."

I’ll give it a try tonight…

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