AIG AI Manager OCI for MSFS – Development Announcement

A reminder: In subforum “Dev Q&A: Submit Questions”, there is a thread called “What is the latest on AI & live traffic improvements?”. Since nearly all development for AI traffic for MSFS at AIG was halted due to the broken model and texture matching since the last update, and in case you are interested to get some answers, please go to the thread and place your vote to show your interest and urgency to get that fixed to Asobo. Thank you!

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That thread is way to broad to get some answers on that. On top of that, the thread talks about Live traffic as well. And the devs prefer that, so I bet they’ll talk about that.

If you want an answer about model matching, I bet this topic is better:

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Yes, maybe, but only 18 votes - oops, sorry just voted, now 19 -; so less chance to get on top of the list and thus on the agenda within just 1 week … ?

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I’m aware, but the answer you’re hoping to get from the topic you linked is probably not the one you will get.

I really really really wish that top voted topic had at least some more directed specific question.
And that there perhaps were two separate topics, one about online and one about offline. (because I don’t care about online at all honestly, however that’s what the devs like most)

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I actual hope to get an answer to this not via the Q&A but more direct from MS/ASOBO xD


NB: I’m not singly you out in quoting you @GridRisen, I’m just finding your comment is reflecting the following timeline of comments and I find some of these puzzling for the community:

I find the development of this story is actually sending quite a few disturbing messages both to the simmers and to the 3rd party vendors. Is Asobo (not just MSFT) actually aware of the help and knowledge you’re wanting to share with them @Kaiii3 ?

From what I got directly via Jörg I have the feeling that they slowly getting to understand the importance of AI and how it should work.
I discussed multiple important issues directly with Jörg as well as how we as a Group/Community can help and he forwared it to Seb and the other ASOBO developers to look into.
Based on the inital feedback it seems they understand most of them and are willing to improve/change stuff.
Jörg suggested a direct call with me this week to discuss more stuff, but I am waiting on a finale date for this call (last mail from last thursday). I hope to get asap with him in touch, so we can discuss how to move forward with AI traffic.


but yeah, it feels a bit like ping pong (sometimes it feels it is prio for them, and on the next day is is no longer that important) at the moment… TBH I am at least happy that I had the chance to talk with Jörg directly about the issues.


I am happy too that contact is going well and hopefully many issues can be solved in the future.

The live traffic system that they care about also uses the sim’s AI systems from what I can tell, so improving the AI will also improve live traffic, so it would also be a win for them in that department.

time for an development update :slight_smile:

Over the last days I have worked on the backend for the MSFS part of AIM and it looks like for now all needed features are added. This marks the next milestone on our roadmap for a public release.
Our Conversion-Team is working on updating/upgrading the models, so far we have around 6 or 7 aircraft types already converted and were able to keep backwards compability with the paints.

AIG OCI for MSFS will support glTF format Models as well as MDLX. A feature to upgrade from MDLX to glTF is panned, so in case an upgraded version is released later the tool will perform an inplace upgrade on the users system automatically (incl. all needed changes to the repaints).

As you kmight have heard there is currently a major bug within MSFS that prevents correct model matching even for offline AI. We at AIG have already a workaroudn for that under develolment that we might release as default installation method for offline AI in AIM. In case MS/ASOBO is not able to fix this, I will disable the BGL installation support in AIM to reduce possible support request on our end :wink:

Support for offline and online AI is still on the feature list and based on the talk with Jörg I had some weeks ago it looks like we will keep both features supported - more on that at a later date (when I had time to discuss some other stuff with Jörg).

Next milestones:

  1. Start private alpha testing (DO NOT SEND ME ANY REQUEST!!! - I will pick the team, because this is not like early access, this is far more technical) - there will be a public beta before release :wink:
  2. Finishing the Database to incl. all published (glTF/MDLX) models and the needed information
  3. Create the conversion-data sets for lagacy MDLX textures (mostly FAIB Models)

Since we can fallback on our workaround for offline AI, we are still on track for a potential full release in Q4 this year.


Very curious about this…care to enlighten us a bit more?

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Thank you for this update, glad your still on track for Q4.


Great wok @Kaiii3. It’s great to hear that you’ve had some fruitful conversations with MS/ASOBO and I’m hopeful that they don’t change the rules (break the AI system) on you!

Noting Q4 for a full release, when would you anticipate the option for a beta (early access) type release?

Great to hear. This will finish the game. Much needed immersion. Thanks in advance for yout hard work!

It is based on an external tool AIG i(Traffic Controller) s already alpha testing ion P3D since this year incl. a new fileformat that will replace the old BGL files. The new format is already published, but not many other tools have implemented it yet for installation.
The tool itself is not yet fully converted to MSFS, so it can not be released for MSFS in the near future, the plan was a release combined with AIM.

If it will be the only way to get offline AI working correctly I mioght to readjust the roadmaps for all our tools, to prepar an earlier release - this would also require that at least on other external tool is able to handle this new format as well, since AIM will not be ready by then,

We have options :wink: And if they breake stuff again, I am sure the community will tell them ASAP to get it fixed again^^

when it is ready :wink: as long as an update of AIM might require a full reinstall of OCI i will not go for an public beta, because the ammount of support would be way to high. Public Beta will be more or less to cross check if AIM will run on different Systems and how different systems handle AI stuff within the Sim.
I also need to make sure that as long as we use some sorts of workarounds for different stuff, that I can revert them back if ASOBO fixes/changes some stuff. Users of OCI for P3D know, that we have a powerfull selfrepair feature to adjust stuff automatically, but even this has its limits.
There is also on major other factor: The SImulator itself… if alpha testing shows us that the Sim itself is unable to handle that ammount of AI (logic or performance), we might need to postpone the release, till this is fixed.
AIG stand for quality AI Traffic, and as long as our product in combination with the SIm can not reach this level of quality AIM will not get public.


Thanks for the in depth and detailed update @Kaiii3. I (and I’m sure most people) appreciate the efforts that you and your team are going to to bring to life a part of the sim that was so clearly let down by Microsoft.

Appreciate the honest and regular updates - please keep us in the loop! :slight_smile:


no problem - It is only fair to tell you guys when we hit some trouble spots that might have an impact on this project.

Btw: The workaround will be for AIG AI Traffic only for the time beeing (I still hope that is not needed) - It is not possible to develop a full standalone tool for 3rd party users/developer to jump on this workaround.
Over the long period of internal testing this temp. workaround is mostlikely to become the new AIG standard for AI flightplans, since it is far supperior over the old BGL files.


Excellent work. Hoping to see it, when is ready.

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short update on the A32X and B737 from FAIB. Since a native glTF conversion is not on the high priority list of the conversion team at the moment, we have added an repaint converter to OCI that will make sure the repaints will work correct within MSFS.
The results is not the 100% solution but more or less close to 95%, so you can enjoy them now at night as well. The normal repaints have caused a massive bright night texture.