AIG AI Manager OCI for MSFS – Development Announcement

no further update from MS (I had no contact with ASOBO directly yet).
Since we have still no fully clear picture off all bugs/problems of the AI engine I can not tell how much needs actual to be fixed. Each update provided some fixes/impreovements but added new bugs to already working stuff…
WU4 seems to have killed all previous AI setups and users are still recovering from it. Problems like this (no changelog at all) make things very hard since you basically start all over after each update.

Internally at AIG we have started a process to handle this a bit better (but since this has nothing to do with AI Manager and/or OCI at the moment I am not directly involved in this).

Yes there are conversions of models, mostly by individual users for their own personal use. For OCI we need conversions that have been done with the premission of the orignal developer so they can be uplaoded and then downlaoded with AIM during the intallation process. Besides that, converted models for MSFS need to be fully compatible with the current released repaints for it, all this takes time.

The generall impression at the moment is that 3rd party AI (online and offline) is not that high on the prioritylist for MS/ASOBO.


It sucks that Asobo doesn’t see how important AI traffic is to immersion, airports feel dead


I don’t think that’s entirely true… They know how important it is. I think i heard Jorg say it at least once. It’s just that it looks like to me that they want to do it their way.


Jorg says alot of stuff, half of which is to create marketing hype. He has been saying the same stuff for the past 6 months regarding ai traffic. This begs a question, why can’t they atleast introduce the airlines that they already got the permission for the ai traffic? It’s not like every single airline they approached said no to them or are keeping them waiting. What a joke.

What I believe is that they are waiting for DX12. I think Jorg mentioned in one of the recent Q&As that Ai Traffic eats up alot of memory. In the last Q&A Seb mentioned something about 3x memory optimization that’s coming with DX12. You can connect the dots now.


cant agree more. Airport ops are essential for immersion. Having proper ground operations also improves that matter. They really need to address this “issue”


They promise a lot, but deliver little. They should focus on improving what´s already done instead of adding more scenery stuff imo.


The scenery team is entirely different from the other teams my dude. They’re working on all of it at the same time.

Also, adding tons of extra resourcing to one project doesn’t usually make it go faster, especially when they’re working on the same code base.

Be patient and appreciative of what you have so far - they’ll get there.

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Well, it depends if it’s heavy on the memory. Using a little gray area mod myself for my Vatsim doesn’t really change anything. Obviously the other traffic isn’t fully animated (flaps etc.), but who cares - it’s not that MSFS native AI so far looks any better.

You’re talking About a community that is triggered when the exact number of rivets is wrong


:smiley: that’s a nice level of sarcasm.

I’m guilty of complaining about the bad system-depth myself but I sure AF take anything that sort of makes me think I’m at a running airport

Actually it goes faster. There´s something called git workflows, which enables developers to work on the same thing and then merge all together.

Yeah, I already paid 120 dls and if it weren´t for FBW guys I´d be stuck with two “unflyable” airliners

What ■■■■ me off more is when they always talk about ai traffic always metion that for liveries they need contact with airlines i don know about majority in this forum but who care about asobo give us liveries when we can make in just minutes or hours by community look how many already done for 320, 330, crj etc we need planes models, and they always use the excuse of performances but there are many improves that the community wanna and doesn’t influence the performance like a way to set parkings to airlines codes afcad to have local airliners, ai behavior and logic like be able to leave the runway faster to avoid multiple go arounds, impruves ai traffic go around cause at the moments looks like a air show they just turn extremely to one side under 1000 ft even some times they crash with building how hard is to make them to go straight until reach 3000ft over the airport, or add more models i did some models Conversions from fsx and i dont feel much heavy on my computer with a i7 6700k 32 ram i have much more problems with the 320 or crj performance, small changes like this is a good start to make a decent ai traffic and later when performance get bettter they can implement more heavy stuff and complex logic


Yeah I know how that works, and the way you’re talking about it isn’t reality outside of smaller products and startups - this is basically enterprise software. Again, there’s a critical mass of people working on the same product that doesn’t produce any more results, and instead can produce more bugs and induce product risk over time - something pretty well known at any at least somewhat mature companies that produce software or work in SAAS.

They have a massive customer base across many segments and markets - they’re not going to have the entire design and engineering team working on the one area that you want. Get over yourself.

while i can understand them being concerned for performance on XBox, i would say that they should leave each individual player worry about performance. Not only does each person have a very different idea of what ideal performance means (with some aiming for 30fps at 1440p and others aiming for 60fps at 4k), but the hardware itself is not a predictor of performance (with me running high to ultra at 30-35fps with a 5 year old PC, and people with cutting edge configs reporting 20fps on high). What’s more, if someone installs a massive performance drain and wishes to complain to Asobo about it, the first thing they’d have to do is remove all mods, which would clear up the performance issue. Nothing to complain to Asobo about.

It might also be that the reason why they’re concerned about performance is because they don’t want this to be a community mod. They want it to be an official mod, made by them, and they won’t even consider a community alternative (which would be consistent with what we’ve seen from them before). As such, there would be no getting away from it if it’s a performance drain.

Who even knows at this point… it’s all so weird and conflicting. Asobo seemingly are against things that would make perfect sense and would be great for everyone, them included. So i don’t think everything is as it seems.


I think Asobo is not that hot about AI traffic because they are looking at mulitiplayer as their main source for traffic. The players can create a more realistic life at the airport than Asobo could create with AI traffic. At this point AI traffic is just a filler in case there are not enough players in the area. If you throw Xbox with cross platform servers into the mix their picture of traffic becomes more complete.

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Yes, that may be true, but i doubt it would be more realistic than what third party developers could create with AI traffic…


As far as i know the 3rd party devs have no access to the AI behaviour. The way the AI is doing stuff like go-around’s, taxi, rollout or path finding is locked. The only one who can change that stuff is Asobo and if they don’t care about the topic the traffic will be far from realistic.

Well, like i said before, if Asobo opened up the AI traffic logic to the community, we’d have custom, fully featured, fully working, and fully realistic traffic in a month.

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guys, remember this is the annoucement topic for AIG AI Manager and no discussion for AI problems :wink:

And yes: The internal AI system is not open to us.


I get what you’re saying, but in no way is multiplayer traffic ‘more realistic’. It’s just “more”.

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