AIG Live Traffic and Traffic Controller -- CTDs Due to Legacy File Change in SU10!

no, since it is not 100% consistent at the moment… Only fix can be applied by Asobo for now.


Let’s hope Asobo fix it in a timely manner kaiii.

I’m a beta noob, so to speak… how often and quickly does Asobo issue patches and fixes during the beta phase?

I have no idea, this is my first beta. Guess we’ll just have to wait and see.

My first beta as well! lol… didnt expect the AIG models to cause issues, though… kind of bummed out about that.

Yeah me too, oh well back to the generic AI for now lol

Yea, I think I will move the AIG folder out of community… gonna do some testing with just the IVAO models… might get lucky.

Worst case I’ll keep the community folder clear of both AIG and IVAO models.

Ok, just tried it… the IVAO models are working ok.

As far as I know from SU9 beta, they never issue a fix during beta period.

That’s interesting to hear.

They issued one about a week into SU9 beta. There was a problem with SimConnect that completely broke home cockpits and they issued a hotfix about a week after release. Fingers crossed they will do the same for this.

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I think Asobo had already released this hotfix before the time I was on board. Gotta fly without traffic for a period of time now.

Yeah…went back to default Asobo AI traffic and the contrast with AIG is striking. Those models are just terrible.


I suggest moving the topic to the CTD categorty for the SU10 Beta, since the issue is caused by an internal MSFS bug when handling lagacy model files and needs to be fixed by the Asobo Team. In the current category it will not be logged by the team per this post (About the 3rd Party Mods category)

DevHub Report for the SDK Team is here: [SU10B] CTD ingame with lagacy MDLX files - MSFS DevSupport


Done. I changed it to CTD category and it kept all the votes.



Do you think this problem will be solved soon?

I use the AIG models to set my simulator with AI Traffic, to make the experience in airports around the world more realistic, but with this CTD they can no longer be used, which takes away from the realism of the game experience. Hopefully they fix it.

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Does this bug also occurs when you are using the AIG modells for Vatsim? I have a CTD in almost every Vatsim flight. With SU9 it was running pretty stable.

I’ll just point out if it can’t be patched well before the beta goes live it’s unlikely to make SU10 as MS will want time for us beta testers to evaluate it.

Kaiii already posted a workaround:


Maybe not perfect,but better than nothing.


Hopefully this will be addressed quickly as MS themselves want to improve AI traffic with AIG in some kinda rumors.