Aileron & Rudder Trim Issues on Kodiak 100

I bought and really love the new Kodiak 100 turboprop but can’t get the aileron and rudder trim to stabilize in flight. I realize this is a known issue but does anyone know how to set both at ZERO (no adjustment)? Will restarting the plane on the ground or runway set this to zero?

BTW - I like to fly an airplane and rarely use the autopilot. It was the same when I flew Piper Warriors and Arrows back in the late 70’s. I never once used an autopilot back in the day (pre GPS timeframe) and I’d like to “fly” the Kodiak 100 also.

What exactly do you mean by “stabilize in flight”?

The trims work the way you would expect them to. The rudder trim is used quite extremely during takeoff and climbout to counter the strong backwash from the planes powerful turboprop. The rudder trim needs to be carefully adjusted as airspeed increases until cruise speed is achieved, at which point rudder trim can be reduced to near zero.

Some pilots prefer to leave rudder trim at zero and do all the work with the pedals. I think aerodynamically, the Kodiak is just like other planes but the torque and spiralling slipstream effects are just that much stronger.

The short recipe is:

  1. Set your torque
  2. Set your rudder trim
  3. Set your pitch trim

The Kodiak’s engine is very powerful given its size, so small changes in power will require re-trimming of the rudder to keep the slip indicator centered.

I seldom used aileron trim with it.

I am a certified pilot on small GA aircraft. I understand how trim works. The aileron and rubber trim is a known issue on this simulated plane and there are no visual indicators on the trim controls so I can’t find zero aileron or rudder trim.

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Hi there,
If I recollect there is a rudder trim indicator on the MFD, left hand side, below the engine indicators.
Thats what I use to find neutral trim.

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I don’t think the devs would agree that that there is a known issue as such, it’s just a difficult plane to fly with regard to rudder trim. As pointed out, rudder trim position is clearly indicated on the MFD and I can’t think of a GA aircraft in the sim that shows an aileron trim indicator.

Apologies if you thought I was trying to be a smart–s and I will always bow to the superior knowledge of real GA pilots :slight_smile:

That I didn’t know.

If using the default G1000 there is only a rudder trim indication on the MFD’s bottom left. The Aileron trim couldn’t fit in, so you can hover your cursor over the aileron trim knob to see the degrees of aileron trim.

For NXi we have managed to make both aileron & rudder visible at the bottom of the ED so things are a bit easier there.

Elevator trim is marked with a white line on the wheel. Up means neutral, forward is nose down, aft is nose up. The MSFS G1000 doesn’t support the flap & pitch trim overlay, so this is a makeshift solution until it does.


The missionary bush pilot uses 100% right rudder trim for take-off. In the sim, this is much, much too much right trim. What is the explanation for this discrepancy? Sorry if this has been asked before.

The amount of right trim that Kodiak pilots gave is is in the range of 30-50% right trim on take-off depending on wind (Series I and II) with 20-25% being the ballpark for no wind situations. FYI the lines on each side of the trim indication are 10% marks.

To my knowledge there are no structural or rigging differences between the Series I, II and III. I believe it depends on wind conditions, pilot technique (some prefer to have a bit of manual leeway to the left in case they need it) and perhaps, airframe fatigue. I will add sim limitations to that, although we are close.