Aileron trim is sometimes stuck at full left position when starting new flight

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Brief description of the issue:

When starting a new flight, the aileron trim is initialized at a full left position. I am unable to use the mouse or controls (where mapped to a controller) to change this. As a result, the plane is uncontrollable on takeoff. Usually exiting to the main menu and restarting a new flight clears the problem.

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When starting a flight, check the aileron trim if available. The trim indicator or trim wheel may be full left. When a aileron trim control is available. attempt to set it using the mouse, In some aircraft (PMDG 737) the yoke will be in a full left position. The yoke can be turned but it cannot be set to neutral and will revert to full left when released. I have seen the trim issue with the following aircraft:
TBM930 (w MugzMod and SU10 mod)
PMDG 737-700
MilViz Cessna 310R.
FlySimware Cessna 414AW
Cessna CJ4 (with WT mod).

If the trim is stuck in this manner, return to the main menu and restart the flight. In most (but not all) cases restarting will correct the problem.

PC specs and/or peripheral set up if relevant:

AMD Ryzen 5-5600x, 32GB of DDR4 3200 ram, RTX-3070Ti GPU, HP Reverb G2 VR headset. I always fly in VR and have not tested the problem in pancake mode, although the full left trim issue persists when exiting VR.
Logitech Yoke, Logitech X56 joystick, Logitech throttle quadrant, Thrustmaster Airbus throttle quadrant, Thrustmaster Boeing throttle quadrant,

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The Aircraft & Systems category is for first-party (Asobo/Microsoft) aircraft without any mods on them. Every aircraft here is either third-party or modded.
I would suggest restarting in Safe Mode and trying this with a default aircraft.

You might have a control profile from one or more of your hardware that constantly applies full left trim. I suggest you try to find the cause by unplugging all your hardware peripherals. Start an flight and check to see if the trim is still applying full left when you have all your hardware unplugged. And slowly connecting one hardware after another and keep checking to see if the trim changes. Once you find the one causing the issue, you can open the control profile for that hardware, and either change the bindings or remove it.