Ailerons and Yoke Crossed Up?

When an aircraft is banked right the yoke moves for a left bank. For a left bank the yoke responds with a right roll movement.

Reproduce by banking the aircraft left and right and observe the mecement of the yoke.

Observed in TBM and Cessna 172 standard gauges.

I’ve now seen this problem in the Baron 58.

From the lack of other comments, I must be the only one having this problem.

Did you know you can reverse your axis in the control dialogue box.

Reversing the axis in Controls does not fix this problem

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Is this with all aircraft, or just the Baron.
What type of controller are you using?

I’ve seen this in the Bonanza and Caravan too.

I’m using the Logitech Wireless Gamepad F710.

This may be an issue related to the controller.
There are actually quite a few posts on the net about it.
Here is a link to one on Steam.

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