Ailerons dammit!

In 747-8 I was doing take off and landings ILS at Hong Kong today during that big storm.

High wind from about 1oclock when landing.

I know that I need to use right ailerons in this wind condition to control the craft on the ground or the left ruddering causes instability.

Can someone explain to me WHY?

The high wind is part of the issue. The shear size of the 747-8i is part of the issue. And the lack of proper Nosewheel Steering is the biggest culprit. With having to use your rudder pedals to steer the aircraft on the ground just really mucks things up because the rudder moves as well.

If you go to miscellaneous in the controls section, you can get nosewheel steering for the 747-8i.

Am I missing something with the nose-wheel? can I use it to steer? IRL

Also is it sensible to need ailerons? It seems I need them to get on the ground “flatly” once about 10feet. In that range things start to get weird even before touch down.

If this is a part of the normal real life controls Id use it, I could look it up, but do you know off hand?

Nosewheel steering exists on the 747-8i. You also don’t want to use aileron in the big jets because you get too much drag. Crab facing into the wind on approach and kick the nose to track centerline at the very last moment in the flare. At that point you can use aileron.

This is good to know, cuz the jerky almost catastrophic motions of using the rudder just didn’t seem commercial quality haha.

“This is the Captain speaking, we are taking off into some crosswind. If you have aortic bypasses, give your loved ones a kiss…just in case.”

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They used to call the RWY 13 approach at the old Hong Kong Kai Tak airport the “Kai Tak Heart-Attack.” This is why. If you want to see some nasty cross wind landings that show you how to crab a 747 (also at Kai Tak), check this out.

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What I am talking about is called the tiller. It is a hand manipulated steering device used by the pilot (or co-pilot, I believe). I have included a picture of it taken from the default 747-8i cockpit. Plus, I included my settings, using the hardware I have. This is only for taxiing, so it may not be as much help as you want, but it is real. I am not sure at what speed the tiller becomes unusable.

keep your ailerons into the wind!